let’s be honest, I have been a little slow in getting stuff done this year. i have been getting back into series, tv world. I was before until I was betrayed by the death of Mark and Lexie in Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure I posted a long rant about that. This time i am watching BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, and of course the biggest tease in the universe ARROW. i could name all of the cast members but let me just mention the important ones, STEPHEN AMELL as OLIVER QUEEN/ ARROW, EMILY BETT as FELICITY SMOAK and DAVID RAMSEY  as JOHN ‘DADDY’ DIGGLE. yeah so I have been hooked on that for a while, especially with the fan reactions. There is nothing that draws me in like a bunch of crazy things said by otherwise perfectly sane normal people. one thing though if they Slexie the Olicity, there will be a gigantic rant.


getting back to the fiction in my reality, I have a couple of books out and I love the response they are getting. but i must say i have never ever gotten the sort of… i want to say attention, to a book like the fourth book in the new Yorker series. i haven’t ever had people repeatedly ask me about a release before. it’s got me excited and terrified. so i am paying extra attention on this one. I’ve got notes and boards and an extra dose of crazy with this book. It is still coming out in 2015, it’s going to be great. the story will be huge, I’m not referring to the number of pages. Nothing will be dragged out, it will be one punch after the other. A story book approach but in this case beauty is a bad boy.


Until then catch up with DENOUEMENT and HIS LOVE. There is this thing called the author stroll by Book Rythm. Ijus copy and pasted those posts.


its time for the BookRhythm Author stroll. So I thought I would start by posting last months stroll, for the newbies. This isn’t actually my favorite book, just as the heart can love two people at the same time, you can’t be in love with both of them. I can’t have two favorites. My absolute favorite is coming out in 2015, the forth book of the New Yorkers, it’s all about identity. So catch up and in the next post we will talk about HIS LOVE

Who is your favorite character you’ve written?
It has to be Marietta Parks from Denouement. She didn’t really know who she was and was trying to tailor her life to avoid… life. She didn’t want to be disappointed so she lived her life according to a script she wrote for herself, that is until Tobias Harden walked into her life.

· What book are they in?
Denouement, it is an IR romance published by Secret Cravings, you should get a copy.

· What is the setting of their book?
I can’t really say it has a setting, besides its based in modern times. Everything around Tobias and Marietta isn’t tangible or solid. Its all wishful what they want and they expect. They both lived their lives in stories, Tobias in the script her read and acted in and Marietta in a life that basically didn’t exist.

· List one fun fact about the book?
I wrote it during my crush on Tom Hardy. That’s one thing. The other is Marietta is so much like me. I put a piece of myself in the characters that i write, she is similar to me because I feel like I am yet to start living life.


It’s that time again BookRhythm October Author stroll and this time we focus on HIS LOVE. published by Breathless Press LET’S GET TO IT.

What is your favorite location you’ve written about? i think it is obvious to anyone and everyone who has been reading my books, I am in love with New York. i have never been there before but i have every intention of going there. When you read about NY or see pictures there is always something that is constant…nothing..well change. Everything changes in each shot, faces, color and mood. It’s like a hub of diversity.

What book is it in?
HIS LOVE isn’t within the city like The NY series. it’s in the Hampton. in a house to be precise. Its Rayne coming into a family that is buried within a castle of a home that has no place for warmth, love or family.

What kind of research did you do so you could describe the location accurately?
i did some research. i need to be able to point it out in a map. but because the point of the story was the imprisonment of hate, loss and guilt, there wasn’t much of the scenery taken in. There is only this one part where Rayne takes the baby to the beach and she looks at the ocean and says that she wants it to take her to her mother. i knew that that scene couldn’t be done inside the house with what it represented to Rayne and Alessandra.

Character I relate to; all of them but since we are talking about HIS LOVE… if you read the post before this you will see the reason I related to Marietta from DENOUEMENT, and with Rayne she was the little girl hiding inside my heart struggling to survive. we all struggle and try to find ways to…win if that’s appropriate. I wrote this because i needed an avenue to bring that girl out into the light and let her win.

List one fun fact about one of your books?
Fun fact, i am not a Christian grey kind of gal, but there is just something about a man in a position of power, the almost arrogant strength and self confidence. wrap that up in a sexy business suit and you have me hooked for life.

So BookRythm will be announcing the winner from the comments below (facebook) . You win a copy of HIS LOVE and if you have already read it, I will give you a copy of… (drum roll)… THE DEVIL’S ANGEL, out in November. And guys, Book four of the NY series is not out yet, i don’t have a release date either. But if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

get excited, THE DEVIL’S ANGEL is coming and BROKEN HEARTS, LOVE AND WAR AND ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY follow. keep up with releases by liking my facebook page. Sometimes facebook is all I have time for, sorry.



How are you?

First i want to say thank you for the support you have given the New Yorker series.  I know you are waiting for the fourth book, and a number of you have asked me when it is being released. the thing is I am yet to give it to the publisher, SECRET CRAVINGS, I’m still going through it. When I hand it over to them, I will have a date for you. it will probably be 2015 tho because we are working on another release at the moment. November THE DEVIL’S ANGEL. Look out for that one.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

So I have a sneak peek of NY Book 4, DECEIVING LOVE. The thing is, it now has a new name. One of the things that has delayed the process. i used to give my books titles that make sense. I’m over that now I’m going with the first thing that comes to mind when i think about my characters. So book four will be titled…(drum roll)…. ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY!

this is the gist, DJ has always played it fast a loose with his women. That is until he met Eyvette, a black beauty with Emerald eyes. the story doesn’t go into the Genesis of their love story, but when they meet again three years later. there is all this hurt and they want to see if they can get through it. But this time, they want to add a baby to the mix. So much responsibility for a life that is yet to enter this world. So anyway a lot of things happen (read the book) and they find themselves back where they started, plenty of pain, insane love and broken. This is more of a what happens after the almost happily ever after.

Please guys read the three previous books BETRAYED, ON CALL and ONE NIGHT STAND. DJ and Eve’s story is huge and takes a lot of time that I at times didn’t get the chance to explain who everyone is.


So this is a scene where Eve faces another tragic loss. let me know what you think.

DJ 2His romance life read like a story book, once upon a playboy. It just didn’t end like one, not yet he hoped. If he just knew how much trouble his wondering eye and equally eager penis would get him DJ might have done things a little differently. He had been trying to run away from his father’s deception and ended up just like him, in fact even worse. His decisions, his unwise choices are what brought him to this moment, alone, in a hospital waiting room, worrying his thumbs. DJ’s lips moved rapidly as a never ending prayer danced on his tongue.
“It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay,” he had been telling himself this for two years now, and he was yet to believe it. Karma, which was the issue here. It was a formidable foe to him and a friend to everyone. this is where all his bad Karma brought him, to a hospital covered in blood. The woman he loved in surgery and shame pouring out of each and every one of his pores.
“Mr. Kent?”
DJ jumped to his feet at the sound of the nurse’s voice. He stared at her, his heart beating a mile a minute, his breathe caught in his chest and an eerie fear claiming his heart.
“She’s not dead is she? She can’t die again, I can’t loose her again.”
“Calm down sir, your wife is out of surgery. She is in recovery. I was wondering if you wanted to call your family. I could do that for you.”
Her family was his family. However, one thing was for sure if her brother found out why she was in the hospital in the first place, it was going to be the end of him. But DJ couldn’t keep this from them any longer. Soon it would be all over the news, and if anyone of them stopped by his apartment the large yellow tape would tip them off.
“Do you mind doing that for me?” he asked.
“Not at all, for now would you like to see your son?”
I have a son. DJ knew everything he had to know about babies. It was something he learned for his love. The moment she told him that she wanted a child. He moved heaven and earth to make sure that he obliged her. It was the least he could do considering that it was his fault that they had lost their first child.
“Yes, I would like that.” Maybe after seeing their son, DJ hoped that he would be allowed to see his wife. He could tell her about their son, gush about the little things like his toes and who he looks like. He wanted those moments, he was desperate for them. If only his trip to Paris had turned out differently. The city had brought him so much love and in return DJ gave it pain and betrayal.
His life was like a fairy tale, and this is how it read. Once upon a playboy…
EyveEve smacked her mouth trying to get rid of the cotton ball taste and sensation. The sterile scent that assaulted her nostrils told her that she was in hospital. The pain in her belly echoed her worst fear. She had lost her baby…yet again. Maybe it wasn’t her fate to carry a child of her own. However, she had managed to deliver DJ’s son and bring him into the worlds. DJ”s son was her son, not born from her womb but her flesh and blood. After the accident Eve knew that carrying a baby was a near impossibility, words her doctors echoed to her time and time again. But she had proved them wrong. A night of passion, love and madness had resulted in a baby boy cradled in her belly. This miracle had only brought a new problem.
Eve had blown into New York like a hurricane, intent on destruction and vengeance. She wanted revenge against her brother, her so called father and most of all, the man she had given her love, her heart and almost her life to. His cavalier and reckless handling of her love had resulted in the death of their first child. It was rational that she would want another to replace the one lost. But Eve should have known that life wasn’t that easy, that love was a war that she wasn’t equipped to fight.
Dennis Rogers Kent, a curse and a blessing. In the time of their courtship, she had only known him as Dennis Rogers, a photographer with a weakness for beautiful girls. Dennis Rogers in turn knew her as Eyvette Rosalind Ross, the only child to her mother Elizabeth McCrery, a red headed Irish widow, who had a tongue that matched the colour of her hair. Eve hadn’t known about her father, well nothing except the fact that he was black. Eyvette, a meek little girl, green to the ways of men and that of the world as a whole. Eyvette had been sheltered by her mother and although she rebelled against it at an early age, she wished she had stayed under her mother’s shroud.
Look what her desire to experience life had left her. Two children dead, two pregnancies with nothing to show for it. A man who was  undoubtedly at the bedside of his mistresses and the child she bore. While she lay here in pain, both physical and emotional. Her soul torn to shreds by his actions and he didn’t even see fit to come and see her for a second. Eyvette had walked away once before and she was sure she could do it again. Maybe, just maybe the loss of her children was God’s way of telling her that she didn’t need to be tied to Dennis Kent. Dear Lord she prayed that there was a reason why she was doomed to face two great tragedies in once lifetime.
She would walk away again, just as she had once before.

OKAY when you read this listen to Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

Oh and when you go to youtube to watch a video with the song, the original is awesome but try the OLICITY one. Yes I am an arrow fan and totally shipping (i learned that word) Oliver and Felicity. She is the reason I started watching the show.

PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE, my theme for 2015.

Anyway read my books, leave a review, be kind to each other and stay awesome.



Newsletter Alert!

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A number of you have been asking us to start a Newsletter, this way they don’t miss out on our new releases, giveaways and promotional discounts and freebies. After a lot of thought and lazying on the subject we finally decided to get one out there.
Now, I know you’re first thought must be “Finally! Thanks for making our reading lives a lot easier.” I’m sure the second one is “Why the collaboration?”
I’m not sure some of you know that we are sisters. But most don’t know that we are twins! We don’t look very much a like but we’ve gotten the art of impersonating each other down to a T.


The Newsletter will be quarterly issue starting 15th January 2015 with an attachment of 100 pages of two novels, one from each of the authors. However there will be mini Newsletters depending on new releases links, book…

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My Amazon bestseller made me nothing.

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PATRICK WENSINK-My novel shot to the top of the site’s bestseller list last summer. You won’t believe how little I got paid!

In one more week I was going to be a millionaire.

At least, that was the rumor circulating around my wife’s family. One more week on Amazon’s best-seller list and I would have seven figures in the bank, easily. Her cousin had looked this fact up on the Internet, so it had to be true.

“Please tell them that is nowhere near true,” I said. “But don’t tell them how much money I’m actually going to make.”

“OK,” my wife said. “Can I tell them how many books you sold?”

“Absolutely not.”


I didn’t have a good answer. Secrecy seemed like the practical, professional response in times of success.

It made me wonder where this writerly knee-jerk reaction comes from. It wasn’t that people would think…

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A Foreign Country, by Charles Cumming

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foreignIt’s a staple of spy thrillers that your friends are sometimes as dangerous, if not more so, than your enemies. After all, the main survival mechanism in espionage is paranoia. Is this colleague a spy? Is that one undermining my missions, going rogue, or threatening my budget? Is the agent from an allied power spying on me? The advent of women in both real world and fiction espionage has increased that problem geometrically and given thriller writers a new topic to explore.

Could woman, that most domesticated and docile of creatures, turn on her former masters and take her revenge in ways a man can’t comprehend?

That’s the problem that dominates the minds of the top administrators at Vauxhall Cross, headquarters of Britain’s MI6. A new chief has been named, and it’s (gasp) a woman! Amanda Levene has mastered every challenge at MI6 and has succeeded to the office no woman…

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CHALLENGE! CHALLENGE! CHALLENGE! Step Up Interracial Romance Authors!!!

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I just got a brand spanking new royalty check from Amazon, which I’ve donated to Africare for Ebola relief. I’m challenging all my fellow interracial romance authors to donate as well. Come on ladies, do it for the sisters.

And for those of you who aren’t authors, make a donation to Africare through Gina’s link between now and midnight on October 3rd 2014 and get a FREE copy of any book from my backlist. Simply email me the receipt and tell me which one my books you want and in what format. Now come on, you can’t beat that one with a stick.

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Hey guys,

The technicalities of a one night stand are usually, you meet a person at a bar, club or pub. You get a sexual vibe then you take off to a motel, the car or to their apartment. Then early in the morning someone sneaks out and you never see each other again. Rich had perfected the art, he didn’t expect to see Catalella again, but life has a funny way of surprising you. Catalella ends up being his lawyer and more than that she’s got a gift for him, one that he will get in nine months.
Available now





Catelella Ross thought that she had been through everything already and come out of the other side a winner. Beating leukemia and getting her life back with the support of her husband, that’s what she thought. When her husband Michael discovers that she can’t have a child due to the chemotherapy he leaves her. Catalella tries to commit suicide but when she is saved she wakes up with a new lease on life. A few years later she concentrates all her efforts on the law firm that her father had left to her.

Ethan McCreery had a hard time growing up. The death of his father forced him to take over the family empire, but he still had his father’s best friend calling the shots. He has to prove himself so as to inherit all of the fortune his father had left to him. A billionare business man by night and a night club owner by night, a one night stand chages his life completely. Bewitched by Catalella’s full lips the last thing he expected to come out of them are the words “I am pregnant!”

After the End by Sara York Cover Reveal & Giveaway!

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Sara York - AfterThe End Cover  850 x 1280

After the End


Sara York

With international flights crisscrossing the skies on an hourly basis, are we ever really safe?

When a strain of the Ebola virus mutates; it spreads quickly leaving the medical community shattered. People are dropping in the streets and life, as most know it, comes to an end. Two city dweller survivors, Dean and William, are forced to flee the city and live in the wilderness—where dangers lurk behind every tree and in every valley. Not everyone alive after the end is good, and William and Dean are faced with challenges that would bring many to their knees.

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You Might Like This Book If…

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Ermisenda and I were looking back at our book reviews and realized how short they’ve gotten (mostly mine). I used to have a “you might like this book if…” section and separated it out into sections. I’d like to get back to writing better quality reviews rather than putting them off until I sit down and write 10 in one evening, but they lack the detail and finesse.

That made wonder, what do you want to see from a book review? I have my phone back, which means Audible is back and I can catch up on the pile of TBR calling my name. What do you want to see?

I was on Pinterest looking for inspiration and found some graphics I may mimic. I liked the why bit and the suggestions.

so you like the hunger games

Do you read book reviews? Do you like getting suggestions at the end? Help us improve our book…

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Limitations, by Scott Turow

Originally posted on Blogging for a Good Book:

turowIt’s a little known fact, but the vocalist for one of the big-name bands out there also has the greatest chops as a legal novelist. And with Limitations, which the New York Times Magazine graciously published in serial form, he shows that he can even take on the novella as a frame for his characters and settings.

Limitations brings readers back to Scott Turow’s fictional Kindle County, which has been likened to Chicago, but with a smaller-town feel. It also revisits two earlier characters – attorney George Mason (Personal Injuries) and Chief Judge Rusty Sabich (Presumed Innocent, Innocent).  Mason is now a judge on the Court of Appeals and is discovering that wisdom does not come with age and experience.

He’s also discovering that the black robe does not render him immune to the outside world: his wife and valued counselor of more than thirty years…

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