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A sharp cry brought him back to the realization of her innocence. Even in his urgency how could he have forgotten. he was incapable of letting her go, but still managed to hold back. Stroking her trembling body, soothing her fear, catching her tear with his thumb and yet he was still incapable of holding his need at bay…it was beyond his control.

She might have as well asked for heaven in hell. It was impossible for her to reconcile her latest rash decision. A few minutes ago, before the pain and the doubt, she thought that this was the way to get him back, the way to mend her broken heart.

When he heard her sobs he pulled back, stared at her. He held her for a while and for a second she thought, “he gets it… the sacrifice she made. maybe it was worth it.” then seconds later…

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Old Ghosts…

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I found this poem with my stuff and considering I don’t even remember writing it, it’s amazing the paper is still in mint condition. I even did an internet search to make sure I didn’t copy it somewhere ( ;) ) I probably wrote it in High School. I don’t even remember what inspired it but it’s pretty strong… what was i going through?

It’s not very good but at the right time and moment, I sure I’ll be able to make it better.


I cry inside me, I cry.

I’m down on my knees, I cry hopelessly.

I know I’ll never breath your love.

The truth has to surrender itself before adversity befalls me as I wait.

It was under your spell that you got me crushed,

Since I set my eyes on your devine image its haunted me.

(couldn’t be that hot if I don’t remember him)


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Happy holidays!!

So while I am away enjoying my vacation there will be a couple of posts on my other site This girl I know M.I.A

This is going to be in prep for the books coming out in 2015, the them being, PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE…IN HEART BREAK.

so here are the titles and 2 blurbs. enjoy. so visit the site This girl I know M.I.A.

shed some tears with me, smile with me then celebrate love.



Raven wasn’t promiscuous. When she was younger she saw the world differently, and focused on her studies. However, when she met Fabio she thought that she could give love and sex a try. Big mistake. Fabio turned out to be an abusive monster. And after his death Raven promised to live her life the way she wanted but with her eyes wide open. So when a man who resembled her monster walked into the bar, she decided it was the perfect time to get over her fear and conquer her monster. What she didn’t expect was that he one night stand was actually Fabio and he did things very differently.
All Guillermo de Castillo has ever wanted to do is live up to his responsibilities and get revenge on the woman he believed he murdered his brother. What he didn’t expect was that he would slowly fall in love with the woman and become a man he never thought he was. he doesn’t say the words I love you because he associates that to betraying the memory of his brother.



Drew thought that he had finally found the woman he would be with for the rest of his life. That is until he found his “wife” and the bestman in the honeymoon sweet. Having his marriage annulled he found himself alone and vulnerable once again. he needed a drive just to clear his head and his father, was riding shot gun. Drew didn’t know that that was a ride only one of them would come back from.

Piper met a dying man in the ER and she promised him that his son would be alright.  Piper kept her promise by sitting with Drew during the night when his mother couldn’t and paying extra attention to his care in the hospital. Her constant vigilance led to one thing, falling in love with a man she had never met before. Desperate for him to wake up, to see the color of his eyes, she leaned over him and kissed him.

An angel, that’s what Drew thought brought him to life when he opened his eyes and saw dark chocolate eyes looking into his. But then when his instant fascination with the black beauty was replaced by unimaginable pain, the memory of his failed wedding night came back to him. He was in an accident and he was sure his father was dead. Barely 24 hours awake, Drew is visited by the family lawyer, he needed to get married in two weeks or loose everything his father had left to him. Who better to marry than his angel. Drew and Leo convince Piper to marry him to save the family fortune. There was just one more thing, she needed to give him a son.

Piper was happy to marry Drew she was in love with him, but the sad thing was Drew had given up on love. His focus was to avenge the death of his father. And according to him, love was just a sign of weakness, one he didn’t need. Piper is determined to heal Drew’s broken heart, but her plans hare disrupted when she is attacked in her old apartment.

Drew’s focus shifts from revenge and building the family empire to making sure his wife doesn’t attempt another suicide. Piper feels broken and Drew doesn’t know what to do to put her back together except profess his love for her. But Piper doesn’t believe him, she hates him now. How could he blame her? Drew finds out that Piper is pregnant but what he isn’t sure is if the baby is his or his attackers.

In the end Drew and Piper reclaim their lives and start enjoying their love.

so yeah, that’s a lot and i’m not quite sure its all of them. I’ll let you know. Until then Catch up with the New Yorkers BETRAYED, ON CALL & ONE NIGHT STAND.

can you tell I am an #Olicity fan

****Free Reads Friday****

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I thought I’d deviate from my usual Kindle Unlimited picks and give you some free reads to check out in honor of this Black Friday. These aren’t necessarily personal endorsements because I may or may not have read them, but they’re free, so grab them while they’re $0.00! Simply click the pic to purchase. (Pardon the formatting)

91f-XVT5d2L._SL1500_  71O3ERPIl3L._SL1050_ 


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Color of Love Blog Hop 2014

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I am so excited to be able to be a part of the second annual Color of Love Blog Hop. As I writer of interracial/multicultural women’s fiction, it thrills me that so many people are beginning to discover the stories we tell and understand that love comes in many different colors–and not just what’s considered “mainstream”.

I first began writing IR/MC stories when I was in high school. Back then I wrote them for myself–in the late 1980s you were hard pressed to find many IR titles on the shelves of B.Dalton, Borders and Waldenbooks. The titles you found were bodice rippers about buxom blondes being kidnapped by Native American warriors or sheikhs and falling in love. But what about stories featuring nonwhite heroines falling in love with men from different racial or cultural backgrounds? Well, I never found any, so I started writing them myself and sharing them with my…

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It’s that time of the year where we celebrate our love for characters of color in romantic fiction in the Color of Love Blog Hop.


I think the main point of this blog hop was to ask us as authors why we love to write interracial romances. Is it the diverse cultural setting of the stories, the exotic locations, the sexy accents or the hot bodies?

For anyone who has read my books you will notice that the setting, the locations, accents and almost maybe the hot bodies do not influence my work. Love in itself is an impossibility to me, something that at times is inconceivable and too far to reach. Love is a phenomena to me, so I imagine how interracial love was perceived a hundred years ago. Impossible. That warm cuddly feeling, the thousand butterflies in my stomach, the heart flutter and all that stumping stuff, I get those emotions in a moment I can only describe as beautiful, sometimes not in my own life, in a show, a song in real life and fiction. I guess the concept of love doesn’t make sense to most people, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me. That is why my characters have to go through heaven and hell to be together. I don’t believe in forcing a HEA, if a couple at the end of the book is not at the right spot I make it a HFN ending. I think you will see that in my fourth NEW YORKER book. Love in that book is all about pain, a struggle that does not seem to have an end.

I don’t include racial differences in my stories. I might mention them but it will only be for a sentence or two. I may be naive but I believe that we are, even though slowly, are getting over it. Beyond black and white, although at times interracial relationships are described as a hot new trend in love literature and this is at times pushed to real life. We should not view IR Love in the same category as twerking and crop tops, this isn’t something that will go out of fashion. Even with the situations now, humanity strives not to loose itself in hate. So as ambassadors we make this IR love real not only for us but for the people who read our work. Keep the integrity.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

hey, i wanted to share a review from THE DEVIL’S ANGEL
What would you do if you knew the man you loved was in love with someone else…and that someone else happened to be your twin? And what if your twin sister had the face of an angel but a heart of pure evil? That’s the scenario M.O. Kenyan ensconces us in with The Devil’s Angel. Like Gothic novels of the past, The Devil’s Angel takes the good twin/bad twin plot device and uses it to build up an thrilling love triangle, adds a sexy alpha male and oodles of family drama, infidelity and the HEA we all love in a romance and hurdles you along twists and turns that leave your head spinning in a good way.

Though they are identical in appearance, the twins in question–Rubi and Rae–couldn’t be more different if they tried. Rubi is the man-eater of the two. Sexy, manipulative and devious, she isn’t above hurting anyone who stands in the way of getting what she wants. Rae, on the other hand, is gentle, generous to a fault and too meek to fight back against the sister who physically and verbally abuses her. Rae is used to being in her sister’s shadows and now, when she is married to Yvan who lusts after her bad twin, she longs to love someone who will love her and only her. Can she get Yvan to look at her through new eyes and make him forget about Rubi? Well, you’ll just have to read it to find out.

If you’re looking for a great page-turner that will keep you hooked, then give The Devil’s Angel a shot. I really enjoyed it and even forgot to watch “How to Get Away with Murder” while I was reading it. It’s exciting, romantic and will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Two thumbs up, M.O. Kenyan!…/…/ref=sr_1_1…


 click here for more on the blog hop

 here to enter the raffle copter



Hey guys, here is an excerpt of THE DEVIL’S ANGEL for your enjoyment.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

“Kiss me.” Rae regretted the words the second they left her unruly mouth. However, after a second of thinking over her new rush decision, she decided it was a good idea. This was the only way to know if he was attracted to her. She didn’t know what she was doing or talking about, but all the movies and books said it was. It’s in his kiss was a song that explained it all. Cher surely knows what she is talking about? “Kiss me.”
Yvan cupped her cheek in his palm and Rae felt like she would melt. Her chest heaved with anticipation. When his head lowered to his she closed her eyes in expectation, her heart beating out of her chest. And when he kissed her, it was with an urgency that only left pain in its wake. Rae felt her heart swell with a tender ache then break like a delicate glass shattered against a hard and harsh reality. Her heart broke in the desperation of his touch. She felt his need, but something stopped her from feeling his passion, something that told her that kiss wasn’t meant for her or for anyone.

Rae stepped out of his arms and away from his kiss. “I don’t see Rubi in your eyes because not anymore. You don’t want her, but that doesn’t mean you want me. Your lips are searching for something I can’t give you, your body is looking for a familiarity that I don’t have. And your hands, your fingers when they caress me they feel like strangers.”
“That’s because they are. I have never touched you intimately, never made love to you. And our first kiss was wrought from a demand to prove something.” A frown of irritation pleated the skin between his soft brown eyes. “But that doesn’t mean I don’t want you.”
“You want me because I am sweet and kind and inside I am everything Rubi is not. But on the outside you may still want her. Her curves, boldness, the way she makes you feel sexually. I’m not her Yvan and I never will be.”
“But I don’t want you to be her. I’m just having a hard time because you look like her. You look like the person I am fighting so hard to get away from.” Yvan held her head between his hot palms. He pressed a kiss on her lips. “But I am trying. I want what only you can give me, a home, a family and security. I know I can love you Rae.”


LOVE AND WAR people!!!!


So in between my writing the NewYorker books I write others so as to make sure the series stays fresh. One thing I discovered about writing a series you have to be careful that the books don’t have all the same themes. I have read a series before that was all about a billionaire wanting his secretary or old flame and convincing her (not its so blackmail) into having sex with him, she gets pregnant and they have no choice but to get married. This is a different monkey same forest kind of situation. To avoid that I take breaks sometimes I write one book and others I write three. In between One night Stand and Once Upon A Playboy I wrote three books, that is why OUAPB is getting to you guys in 2015, it is totally worth the wait.  Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunetteThe Devil’s Angel is available from Secret Cravings Publishing, Love and War is being edited by Breathless Press and Broken Hearts is also by BP but we haven’t started working on it yet. So long story short, (I know you want more bits from NYBK4) here is an excerpt from LOVE AND WAR.

OH its a story of how revenge doesn’t seems so important when life gives you love. here is some music

l&WWilly sat ramrod straight in his bed as he watched the bartender from the club try to sneak out. How the hell had they ended up here together. Willy cleared her throat and the girl jumped.
“Jesus Christ, you scared me,” she said as she started picking up the things she had just dropped.
“Were you just going to sneak out? You don’t want any coffee?” Willy couldn’t believe he was the one asking these questions.
“Uhmmm, no,” she said in such a matter of fact tone. “We are both grown ups. Let’s call this what it really is, a one night stand. You brought me to a classy up scale hotel, we had sex, now it’s time for me to leave. Let’s not make this anymore awkward than it is.”
“First of all, this is where I live. Second you are the first girl I brought back here and third who said I won’t want to call you again?”
“First of all, why do you always have to list every point you want to make, second to infinity, I have a life, responsibilities and someone who depends on me not to fuck up again. Once in a life time is enough,” she muttered the last part.
“Are you married?”
“Hell no. Marriage is just a form of modern day slavery.”
“I have no idea how to respond to that,” Willy scrubbed his fingers through his hair in frustration.
“Why because I’m black and you are quasi white?” she smiled then laughed, a sound that warmed him from tip to toe.
“You are very beautiful.”
lw2That seemed to sober her up immediately. She pulled her jacket on and begun to back pedal toward the door, “Listen Billy-,”
“-Willy, shit I’m such a screw up. You were great at that,” she pointed the bed. “Really, really great.”
“But I don’t do things like this. I was just celebrating something and you reminded me of someone, and then you touched me with those very, very, skillful hands and we ended back here and-,”
“Stop rambling,” Willy got out of bed and watched as her eyes went as wide as saucers. He turned around, hiding his shit eating grin. For some reason he just loved the way she reacted to things, especially his naked body.
“G-great ass by the way. It’s a winner,” she said then covered her face. “Okay, I think I’m just going to go.”
“I’ve got ten minutes,” Actually he didn’t. His meeting was bound to start at any moment. But being the boss he was allowed to walk into a meeting two hours late, right? As Alvin said it was his God given right to be bad a couple of times in his life.
“I really shouldn’t,” she said in a squeaky voice. “What is it, like seven o’clock?” she asked as she took off her jacket and shoes. “Ten minutes, that’s what you said, right?” she shimmied out of her jeans and t-shirt. “You’ll be really fast right? But not too fast I’ll miss my orgasm, right?”



I think this will be my last post of 2014, if not, you’ll be the first to know.

1. the 4th New Yorker book, I know guys have been saying that I have been torturing them with little snippets and yes I have. I am evil that way. The thing is the fourth book will be like three Novellas in one. This will be DJ’s three stages of life, his past, his present and his future. He is struggling with who he was, who he is and who he wants to be as opposed to who life will make him be. I am doing my best to make sure there is a flow, a smooth transition and it doesn’t read choppy. That’s the hardest part, writing someone who doesn’t know who he is, because I don;t know who he is. I don’t know if many writers follow my method, but I let the character lead me. They are the voices in my head, the people who won’t let me sleep until I tell their story. DJ is having a hard time of it and Eve, she can’t seem to let go of the man who gives her great joy and great pain in equal measure. But in 2015 you will know how their story turns out is it a HEA or a HFN, don’t know.


2. I am running a competition on my FB author page, a free copy of anyone of my books. Its a first come first win kind of thing. Visit my Amazon page favorite it and keep up with my new releases. Sign up for the Newsletter. Enjoy.

loveletters copy marasong copy mokenyan copy image RedTearsBlueBlood_Draft HisLove_600x900 Denouement_Draft4 Covert-Existence-Final







3. The BOOK RYTHM KINDLE GIVEAWAY AND AUTHOR STROLL  will be taking place in first two weeks of the month. Enter the competition and stand a chance to win a fully loaded kindle to enjoy during your Christmas break. I will post more about it on my FB author page.

4. 2015 is going to be a great year. Besides the books, I am getting into scripts and fashion. But my main thing will be my books and for 2015 we have LOVE AND WAR, ONCE UPON A PLAY BOY (NY BK4), BROKEN HEARTS, I LOVE HIM, I STILL LOVE HIM (NY BK5), STAY WITH ME, & BETWEEN HIS SHEETS (NY BK 6).

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

5. THE DEVIL’S ANGEL, is out guys. Show it some love. It is about a man who lust after one twin and falls in love with the other. he feels split in two. he has to make the right choice but he doesn’t know what that is. get it here

here is an excerpt of THE DEVIL’S ANGEL. GET IT!

Yvan shot up from his bed, covered in cold sweats and the shakes. He covered his face with his hands and focused on his breathing. Ever since he had met the Santos girls it seemed his life went from one extreme to the other, unimaginable happiness and unfathomable fear and anger. His lust had gotten them into so much grief but he had hoped that the love would save him. How could two women be so similar and yet be so different, like night and day, but the appropriate term would be good and evil.
He closed his eyes and he could almost hear the sound of her red stilettos against the hardwood floors of his office. She was beautiful, exotic and had a pout that could drive a saint mad with desire. The rumor of a black dress caressed her lovely curves like a jealous lover. Her black hair lay straight on her back, her caramel skin made his mouth water. He wanted to taste her so bad and he did. Rubi, he hated how his loins stirred at the thought of her. There were some things that she could do in bed that could not be rivaled. He hated himself for still wanting her, but he was still a man.
A man who had been led by his cock, his eyes glazed over with want that she had blinded him from what she truly was. One year ago today his life unraveled. Even as he was getting ready to go back home to his wife, his new future he couldn’t help but think of the genesis of the greatest hit his life had taken. The day he stopped trusting women and thought of them as vultures. Well his wife was an exception.



here is a new excerpt for Book 4 of the New Yorkers.

But before that. just wanted to let you know that DEVIL’S ANGEL is coming out on the 26th. it should be up for pre-order as early as next week. I will let you guys know.

Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette

So until then, I will be posting excerpts of Book 4. it’s not a form of torture but guys have been asking me when its coming out and what it will be about. So this is my way of making the wait not seem too long. as soon as SCP gets their hands on it they will let me know the release date. I will only post two other excerpts, find the first here.

And the tune for this excerpt is Say you love me by Jesse Ware.


EyveEve took her place at the small stage that Philippe had set up. It was Wednesday Karaoke night. Usually Eve shied away from the public eye. She never dared take center stage. But Dennis was coming tonight so she thought this was the perfect opportunity to say everything she needed to in a song. Granted her audience would fill the room and it wouldn’t just be Dennis, but she hoped he got the message. They were already running fifteen minutes late and Philippe had been diligent in reminding her of that. Eve hadn’t told Philippe or Sophie that Dennis was coming just in case he didn’t show up. And right not it seemed like it was the right call.
“Hey,” Sophie called to her. “Philippe says the customers are getting impatient. You need to get your set going if you are even performing at all.”
“In a minute.” Eve looked at the doors once more and Dennis wasn’t amongst the group of men walking in.
“What if he doesn’t come?”
“What if Dennis doesn’t come? You have been sitting here waiting and watching for him and he hasn’t turned u. Eve, you need to decide? Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Hoping that some man you think you are in love with will finally look at you the same way, hoping he will show up for you?”
“He promised.”
“He looks like the kind of guy who breaks promises.”
“Not to me, he would never break a promise he made to me.” It was like the universe was trying to affirm what she said. The door opened the bell above it jingled and in walked in Dennis. He smiled at her and the dread that had built a wall around her heart melted away. “I’m ready to start.”
Eve didn’t bother introducing herself to her audience. This wasn’t for them. It was just for one man and he already knew who she was. Eve strung her guitar and started singing, her voice causing a hush in the loud café. She had picked Say you love me by Jesse Ware. Her eyes clouded with tears as she sang, but she could still see the smile Dennis had for her. When she finished her song the crowd erupted in applause. Eve put her guitar and like Moses she parted the crowds as she walked to the back where Dennis stood waiting for her.
“So?” she swallowed hard, the adoration in his eyes causing a lump of emotion in her throat. “What did you think?”
DJ 2Dennis cupped her cheek and she leaned into his warmth. “I think… I’m going to love you forever.”
Dennis leaned down to her and Eve rose to her tip toes and met his kiss. The soft press of his lips on hers, the gentle caress turned her into jelly. A warm tear left a trail as it rolled down her cheek. He pulled back looked at her and said, “You are more than I ever expected, more than I could have prayed or wished for. You consume every inch of my heart. That void that was there, you filled it with your love and the dark cloud above my head is going. You and I, we are standing in the warmth and light of the sun and nothing could make me as happy as I am in this moment with you.”
Eve had no words, none that could live up to his, none that could make him feel as special as his words just made her feel. Nothing except, “I love you too.”
“Take a walk with me?”
Eve nodded. She didn’t even look back to ask for permission or make excuses. She knew that even though he wouldn’t want to, Philippe would understand. Moments such as these were rare and she wasn’t about to let it slip through her fingers.
Eve slid her hand in Dennis’ and let him lead her out of the café. They walked in silence for a while. Eve didn’t mind, she was busy trying to make a memory, from how the grains of sand felt between her toes or the perfect way the moonlight was reflected on the ocean water, like tiny diamonds on a black canvas.
Dennis stopped and stared at the water. He pulled her in and embraced her. “It’s all so beautiful.”
“It is.”
“Do you think that this will last?”
Eve looked up at him confused. Dennis’ gaze was fixed on the water. Eve was trying to figure out what was going on with him. She might not have had all the answers but she had one, “We will last, our love will last.”
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not the love at first sight kind of guy. I’ve never been in love before or even wanted to be in love. It always seemed like something I should stay away from.” Dennis looked down at her with a smile on his lips. The haunted expression she had noticed the day they met gone. “Now here you are in my arms and I can’t imagine living without this feeling. I can’t even remember how life was before you came to my table that morning.”
“Now you know how I feel.” Eve laid her head on his chest and listened to the quick thumping of his heart. “I’ve always wondered how it would be like; listening to your heat breath, watching your chest rise and fall with each breath you took. Waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m not crazy for climbing in your window that night.”
“Are you still wondering?”
“Yes,” Eve caressed his cheek with the back of her hand. “Right now I wonder how people live without this feeling.”

Check out my other books and catch up with the New Yorkers here.


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