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I hope you are enjoying book 4, ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY. So I had two other releases coming your way this year, Love and War & Broken Hearts, but they will be put on hold. The Publishing company handling them, Breathless Press, closed their doors on the 1st of May. So right now I am trying to figure something out.

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Until then, I have a snippet of book 5. BTW buy book 4 here and like my amazon page while you are at it.

kitKit didn’t eat sweets or indulge in cakes. Once in a while, like his birthday he would take a slice. So going into the little sweet shop didn’t occur to him. That was until he saw Danny through the window. Her head down and with her fork murdering her piece of cake. He smiled, he couldn’t help it. Danny wore her emotions, her truth on her face. So Kit didn’t understand how oblivious her date was, that he couldn’t notice that she had already checked out. Kit was very sure at that moment Danny was engaging herself in a narrative about how her date sucks and what better things she could be doing at that moment.
Kit went into the shop and walked up to the display counter. He wasn’t planning on getting anything, but he had to look interested. Otherwise this wouldn’t be a chance meeting, it would seem more like stalking. Kit had gone to the club only to be told that she quit right after his birthday bash. She didn’t live at the cottage she had before. Kit had been there a couple of times before her realized that Danny wasn’t going to turn up.
“Listen, you are probably a great guy…” Kit turned towards the sound of her voice.
Kit knew when the final blow to a man’s ego was about to be dealt. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy. But this was Daniella Kent, she wasn’t meant for just any guy, hell, Christian Henry was not even worthy of her.
“…there is a girl out there who will find your obsession with cats endearing. That girl isn’t me.” From the corner of his eye, Kit watched as Danny stood up, gave the man a pat on the hand fit for a pet and begun to leave. “I got this,” she said as she waved her purse in the air.
“No wait!” He jumped up to his feet grabbing Danny’s hand and forcing her against him. Kit was just about to jump in. Everything in him wanted to save her. But Danny wasn’t that kind of girl. She was the type to do the saving all on her own. “Are you sure we don’t have a chance.”
“But why, we are meant to be. My mother read our horoscopes.”
Kit didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. How the hell did Danny say yes to this date in the first place? Kit was sure that this was one of those blind date types. Danny’s head turned towards him, but she didn’t see him. Her eyes widened as her mouth did a large O as she looked past him. Kit turned around to see a woman close to tears, ‘desperate stage mom’ written all over her face. This date meant more to her than it did her poor son.
Kit was turning back to Danny when she crushed into him, bouncing back and landing on her butt. Kit heard more than saw the mother charging in Danny’s direction. Kit reached for her and pulled her to her feet in one swoop. He held her upright and out of harm’s way as she got her bearing.

danny“Oh-no!” Danny gasped.
“Do you always cause trouble wherever you go, Danny?”
Kit knew when someone was pretending so hard to be anywhere other than where they were at that moment. He saw it so many times when he was at work. It hurt his feeling a little that she would rather pinch her eyes closed than face him. But that also told him that she wouldn’t react this way unless there were some residual feeling.
“Danny are you okay?”
Before Kit could say anything else, Danny took off from the shop, and he was chasing her down the street. Danny ducked into an alley dragging Kit with her. She leaned against the wall, panting, sweaty and genuinely relived.
“I don’t understand.”
“What?” Danny wheezed.
“Why did you go out with him in the first place? He doesn’t seem to be your type.”
Danny pushed off the wall, a glare leveled on Kit. “Did I say something wrong?”
“Nope, you actually hit the nail on the head. He’s not my type. Because my type are usually, druggies, alcoholics and cheating assholes with fiancés.” Danny bent over, her palms resting on her knees before pushing up and staring at him. “I’m addicted to the bad boy types. They look good on the outside, but are completely rotten on the inside.”
Danny begun to walk past him, but Kit grabbed her arm. He couldn’t help but feel like that comment was directly aimed at him. He didn’t have a substance abuse problem or any fiancés, so what exactly did she hold against him.
“Do you have a car, because I am not running home and I am definitely not going to risk standing at the curb waiting for a taxi. Mama’s boy and Mum-zilla stole all the strength I got.”
“Maybe I should check if the coast is clear?” Kit offered. He was trying to downplay his excitement. Kit didn’t even have to offer the ride. This was he could get to know where she lived without asking outright. “They are nowhere to be seen.”
“Oh thank God. Where is your car?”
“I actually don’t have a car. I have my bike.”
“Like a tricycle.”
“No,” he chuckled. “A motorcycle. A Ducati.”
“I was afraid you were going to say that. On second thoughts, I’ll wait for a taxi, or just walk home.” She panted. “Yep, I’ll walk home.”


Hey guys thank you for the support you are giving ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY, already!


Once upon A Playboy!
Karma is a tricky thing. Life is too, and DJ found that out the hard way, but his alter-ego provides the perfect place to hide. In his playboy persona, he can escape the betrayal, the wounds, and the guilt of his past—after all, life in the fast lane leaves little time for anything other than women, drink and the high life of self-gratification. For the first time in his life, DJ is living free and loving every minute of his emotionless existence.

Then he meets Eve—sweet, perfect Eve, the most unlikely stalker imaginable. Innocence is a powerful weapon in the right hands, and love is a broadside guaranteed to bring down even the most hardened playboy. It has all the makings of a happy ending, right?

But Karma’s has a vindictive knack of twisting to past to destroy the future. With DJ and Eve torn apart, victims of revenge and their own weaknesses, Karma wins again. Or so it seems…




I want to thank you guys for the support you have given the New Yorker books. The newest member, Once Upon A Play Boy is out this May on the 5th. Until then for those who haven’t read the series catch up. Books are available on Amazon.


To say thank you here is 1000 words of Once Upon A Play Boy.

“What if he doesn’t come?”
“What if Dennis doesn’t come? You have been sitting here waiting and watching for him and he hasn’t turned up. Eve, you need to decide. Is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Hoping that some man you think you are in love with will finally look at you the same way, hoping he will show up for you?”
“He promised.”
“He looks like the kind of guy who breaks promises.”
“Not to me, he would never break a promise he made to me.” It was like the universe was trying to affirm what she said. The door opened, the bell above it jingled and in walked Dennis. He smiled at her and the dread that had built a wall around her heart melted away. “I’m ready to start.”
Eve didn’t bother introducing herself to her audience. This wasn’t for them. It was just for one man and he already knew who she was. Eve strummed her guitar and started singing, her voice causing a hush in the loud café. She had picked Say you love me by Jesse Ware. Her eyes clouded with tears as she sang, but she could still see the smile Dennis had for her. When she finished her song, the crowd erupted in applause. Eve put her guitar down and, like Moses with the Red Sea, she parted the crowds as she walked to the back where Dennis stood waiting for her.
“So?” she swallowed hard, the adoration in his eyes causing a lump of emotion in her throat. “What did you think?”
Dennis cupped her cheek and she leaned into his warmth. “I think…I’m going to love you forever.”
Dennis leaned down to her and Eve rose to her tiptoes and met his kiss. The soft press of his lips on hers, the gentle caress, turned her to jelly. A warm tear left a trail as it rolled down her cheek. He pulled back, looked at her and said, “You are more than I ever expected, more than I could have prayed or wished for. You consume every inch of my heart. That void that was there, you filled it with your love and the dark cloud above my head is going. You and I, we are standing in the warmth and light of the sun and nothing could make me as happy as I am in this moment with you.”

Eve had no words, none that could live up to his, none that could make him feel as special as his words just made her feel. Nothing except, “I love you, too.”
“Take a walk with me?”
Eve nodded. She didn’t even look back to ask for permission or make excuses. She knew that, even though he wouldn’t want to, Philippe would understand. Moments such as these were rare and she wasn’t about to let it slip through her fingers.
Eve slid her hand in Dennis’ and let him lead her out of the café. They walked in silence for a while. Eve didn’t mind, she was busy trying to make a memory, from how the grains of sand felt between her toes or the perfect way the moonlight was reflected on the ocean water, like tiny diamonds on a black canvas.
Dennis stopped and stared at the water. He pulled her close and embraced her. “It’s all so beautiful.”
“It is.”
“Do you think that this will last?”
Eve looked up at him, confused. Dennis’ gaze was fixed on the water. Eve was trying to figure out what was going on with him. She might not have had all the answers, but she had one, “We will last, our love will last.”
“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not the love at first sight kind of guy. I’ve never been in love before or even wanted to be in love. It always seemed like something I should stay away from.” Dennis looked down at her with a smile on his lips. The haunted expression she had noticed the day they had met was gone. “Now here you are in my arms and I can’t imagine living without this feeling. I can’t even remember how life was before you came to my table that morning.”
“Now you know how I feel.” Eve laid her head on his chest and listened to the quick thumping of his heart. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like—listening to your heated breath, watching your chest rise and fall with each breath you took. Waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m not crazy for climbing in your window that night.”
“Are you still wondering?”
“Yes.” Eve caressed his cheek with the back of her hand. “Right now I wonder how people live without this feeling.”
Eve squealed when he rolled with her and she ended up on her back. Her giggle died in her throat when she saw the way he was looking at her. She couldn’t quite describe it. Eve knew what lust looked like. It was something she had to deal with every day of her life, from Philippe and the men that came to the café, or those that whistled at her as she walked home. From the look in his eyes it was more than a fairy tale. Since the world began his eyes were meant to only look at her. She wanted to capture this moment, carry it with her every day of forever. She didn’t think there would be anything that could make her heart beat this fast, or her breaths get so shallow.


Book four will be titled ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY! is almost here! (cover at the bottom)

this is the gist, DJ has always played it fast a loose with his women. That is until he met Eyvette, a black beauty with Emerald eyes. the story doesn’t go into the Genesis of their love story, but when they meet again three years later. there is all this hurt and they want to see if they can get through it. But this time, they want to add a baby to the mix. So much responsibility for a life that is yet to enter this world. So anyway a lot of things happen (read the book) and they find themselves back where they started, plenty of pain, insane love and broken. This is more of a what happens after the almost happily ever after.

Please guys read the three previous books BETRAYED, ON CALL and ONE NIGHT STAND. DJ and Eve’s story is huge and takes a lot of time that I at times didn’t get the chance to explain who everyone is.


So this is a scene where Eve faces another tragic loss. let me know what you think.

DJ 2His romance life read like a story book, once upon a playboy. It just didn’t end like one, not yet he hoped. If he just knew how much trouble his wondering eye and equally eager penis would get him DJ might have done things a little differently. He had been trying to run away from his father’s deception and ended up just like him, in fact even worse. His decisions, his unwise choices are what brought him to this moment, alone, in a hospital waiting room, worrying his thumbs. DJ’s lips moved rapidly as a never ending prayer danced on his tongue.
“It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay,” he had been telling himself this for two years now, and he was yet to believe it. Karma, which was the issue here. It was a formidable foe to him and a friend to everyone. this is where all his bad Karma brought him, to a hospital covered in blood. The woman he loved in surgery and shame pouring out of each and every one of his pores.
“Mr. Kent?”
DJ jumped to his feet at the sound of the nurse’s voice. He stared at her, his heart beating a mile a minute, his breathe caught in his chest and an eerie fear claiming his heart.
“She’s not dead is she? She can’t die again, I can’t loose her again.”
“Calm down sir, your wife is out of surgery. She is in recovery. I was wondering if you wanted to call your family. I could do that for you.”
Her family was his family. However, one thing was for sure if her brother found out why she was in the hospital in the first place, it was going to be the end of him. But DJ couldn’t keep this from them any longer. Soon it would be all over the news, and if anyone of them stopped by his apartment the large yellow tape would tip them off.
“Do you mind doing that for me?” he asked.
“Not at all, for now would you like to see your son?”
I have a son. DJ knew everything he had to know about babies. It was something he learned for his love. The moment she told him that she wanted a child. He moved heaven and earth to make sure that he obliged her. It was the least he could do considering that it was his fault that they had lost their first child.
“Yes, I would like that.” Maybe after seeing their son, DJ hoped that he would be allowed to see his wife. He could tell her about their son, gush about the little things like his toes and who he looks like. He wanted those moments, he was desperate for them. If only his trip to Paris had turned out differently. The city had brought him so much love and in return DJ gave it pain and betrayal.
His life was like a fairy tale, and this is how it read. Once upon a playboy…
EyveEve smacked her mouth trying to get rid of the cotton ball taste and sensation. The sterile scent that assaulted her nostrils told her that she was in hospital. The pain in her belly echoed her worst fear. She had lost her baby…yet again. Maybe it wasn’t her fate to carry a child of her own. However, she had managed to deliver DJ’s son and bring him into the worlds. DJ”s son was her son, not born from her womb but her flesh and blood. After the accident Eve knew that carrying a baby was a near impossibility, words her doctors echoed to her time and time again. But she had proved them wrong. A night of passion, love and madness had resulted in a baby boy cradled in her belly. This miracle had only brought a new problem.
Eve had blown into New York like a hurricane, intent on destruction and vengeance. She wanted revenge against her brother, her so called father and most of all, the man she had given her love, her heart and almost her life to. His cavalier and reckless handling of her love had resulted in the death of their first child. It was rational that she would want another to replace the one lost. But Eve should have known that life wasn’t that easy, that love was a war that she wasn’t equipped to fight.
Dennis Rogers Kent, a curse and a blessing. In the time of their courtship, she had only known him as Dennis Rogers, a photographer with a weakness for beautiful girls. Dennis Rogers in turn knew her as Eyvette Rosalind Ross, the only child to her mother Elizabeth McCrery, a red headed Irish widow, who had a tongue that matched the colour of her hair. Eve hadn’t known about her father, well nothing except the fact that he was black. Eyvette, a meek little girl, green to the ways of men and that of the world as a whole. Eyvette had been sheltered by her mother and although she rebelled against it at an early age, she wished she had stayed under her mother’s shroud.

Look what her desire to experience life had left her. Two children dead, two pregnancies with nothing to show for it. A man who was  undoubtedly at the bedside of his mistresses and the child she bore. While she lay here in pain, both physical and emotional. Her soul torn to shreds by his actions and he didn’t even see fit to come and see her for a second. Eyvette had walked away once before and she was sure she could do it again. Maybe, just maybe the loss of her children was God’s way of telling her that she didn’t need to be tied to Dennis Kent. Dear Lord she prayed that there was a reason why she was doomed to face two great tragedies in once lifetime.
She would walk away again, just as she had once before.

OKAY when you read this listen to Thinking out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

Oh and when you go to youtube to watch a video with the song, the original is awesome but try the OLICITY one. Yes I am an arrow fan and totally shipping (i learned that word) Oliver and Felicity. She is the reason I started watching the show.

PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE, my theme for 2015.

Anyway read my books, leave a review, be kind to each other and stay awesome.





Hey guys, it’s been a minute!

I wanted to share with you something i learned recently. As an author most of the times you try to write, to combine words to make your reader feel. Most of the times we get it right and some of the times we get an eye roll from a reader. I say this because I have rolled my eyes a bit.

So this is what I learned…wait for it, it’s good…SAY IT OUT LOUD.


I visualize, its my thing playing out scenarios in my head. Sometimes I am the hero/heroine or the villain. That is good but at times it doesn’t translate.So I voice it out, the dialogue not the actions. I’m not that crazy!

If my eyes sting and get waters, if my breath catches in my throat, if i feel this describable, weird swelling of I want to say joy, but I mean love in my chest. I know I got it.

I am the reader too, my first reader and my first critic.

Today I got a beautiful comment from my proofer’s handler about ONCE UPON A TIME, “The proofreader said she needed tissues with this one. Good job getting the emotion to come across so strongly. :-)”
All I can say is thanks. I write for myself first. I only give you what I love.

Thank you for the support.


ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY is the 4th book in the NEW YORKER SERIES. Release date this May.

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Plus check out my twin’s new release FATAL OBSESSION, book 2 of the BLACK WIDOWS series. Coming out on the 2nd of April. FATAL JEALOUSY is available here!

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navy window paneOn Facebook there was a post where someone asked the question, do romance books almost always have a billionaire as the hero?’
Definition of a billionaire, a man who has his own money, own house and own car; J.O.B. Every woman is looking for a man who can provide for both her and himself. That’s the practical reason.
But I think the fantasy is what keeps the readers going back for more. Here you have your life, ordinary in everyone else’s eyes and almost perfect in yours. Here is a couple of reasons why I think the Billionaire story lines are flooding the literary world.
1. Maybe it’s because of the power they have. Running their own business and empire.
2. Dominance, and I leave it there.
3. The fancy cars, helicopter, private jets and yachts, tell me that doesn’t sound good. Plus there are the expensive gifts and the trips to Paris for shopping and Morocco for lunch.
The thing is most women desire that luxury life, even the sensible ones. For a moment they think wouldn’t it be great to hop into Christian Grey’s helicopter. Women dig their noses deep into the fantasy life that we as authors give them because for a moment they want to know how it feel like to be Anastasia Steele, without the whips.

As for me, I love billionaire stories because of the power and control that they have. It’s like, here is superman in a sexy business suit, taking care of business.

oliver qhueen



HEY GUYS!!! I have a treat for you. Here is a snippet of the 5th New Yorker book. Still on the drafting stage. The 4th book will be out in May.


dannyDanny heard footsteps approaching her. She turned around and tried to run in the other direction. It was hard to do considering her vision had doubled and her feet were refusing to cooperate. She blew air into her palm and took a sniff of her breathe. The alcohol was pungent, but as long as she kept a safe distance away there was no way that they could smell it on her breathe. Now the hard part was to look sober.
“Feet don’t fail me now,” she muttered under her breathe.
“Danny?” It was Reno.
Danny closed her eyes and counted down to ten before responding. “What?”
“You can’t get married.”
“What?” That again, Danny turned around to face her big brother, she wasn’t quite sure the expression she had on her face, but whatever it was Reno wasn’t liking it. His whole face frowned and Danny couldn’t help but giggle. Then she hiccuped, “Excuse me. What were you saying?”
“Are you drunk?”
Danny jumped startled. The rage in Reno’s voice echoed in their parent’s house, hitting her like a ton of bricks. “Use your inside voice.”
“I swear to God, Danny!” Reno’s fists banged down on the dining room table, sending most of its contents flying to the ground making a crashing medley. “You just left rehab.”
“I know and it wasn’t as posh as I remembered it.”
“Do you think Christopher is going to marry an alcoholic?”
“Do you think he cares?” Danny stumbled towards the bar. She grabbed the whisky bottle but couldn’t lift it. Her hand shook each time she picked it up. “Big brother, help a sister out.”
Reno grabbed her arm and spun her around. “What is happening to you? What do you think Kit would say?”
The mention of his name seemed to awaken Danny’s reserve strength. She pushed Reno away but not before slapping him. “That traitor abandoned me.”
“No he didn’t.”
“He left me!” Danny screamed.
“He died!”
That silenced her and miraculously managed to sober her up. Danny was angry, she had asked Kit not to go, but he had chosen his career over her. They had parted with a lie, she had tricked him into doing something he swore not to do because his career came first. Danny thought she had won. For a moment she had dug into the Kent cunning business chest and brought out a trump card. Kit never turned his back on responsibility. So she lied and she won, for a moment she had beat the Navy. But now the Navy had taken him from her. “Don’t…he’s not…he is just M.I.A. They’ll find him.”
“If you believed that you wouldn’t be marrying his twin brother.”
Danny’s knees gave in. She dropped to the ground and just sat there, staring at the bamboo tiled floors. Reno sat next to her, but Danny just moved away. “Don’t. I’m not really interested in DJ’s kumbaya session.”
“It’s been a year. They haven’t found him, Danny.” Reno cupped her cheek and she pushed his palm away. “Marrying Christopher and drinking won’t help you move on.”
“I don’t want to move on.” Getting on her hands and knees, Danny tried to push herself off the ground, but failed. “Pointless, it’s all pointless. For two years I was happy. I had Kit, I had a home, a job, my sobriety…and poof, it’s all gone. I kissed my sailor goodbye and waited for him to come back, but he didn’t.”
Danny moved out of Reno’s reach. “I don’t think I can…I don’t know how to face another day without Christopher and the alcohol to trick my mind into thinking that he looks just like his brother. My heart is being shredded ever single sober second. I can’t let the fog clear for my mind, because then I start to think, to rationalise, I start to make sense of it and I’m afraid I’m going to accept it.” Danny cleared the emotion from her tone. “It’s not easy to pretend, to forget and to feel numb when I’m sober. I need to survive, it’s not killing me, it’s keeping me alive… alive for Kit, for when he comes back. He has to come back.”
“He is not.”
“Don’t say that to me.” Danny shook her head as if trying to get the truth out of her head. “You don’t understand, if he doesn’t come back, I don’t come back.”
Danny leaned into her brother’s embrace and cried.




FateReborn_SMFate Reborn
-Sweet Cravings Publishing
– Sweet Romance.
-Interracial, Multicultural, New Adult, Paranormal, Werewolf.
-Hero is Native American, heroine is African American with East African origins.
-Buy link:

Blurb: Sorrow and torment have been the only companions werewolf Ashat has had in the three centuries since his entire village, including his beloved family, was killed by his enemy, Baku. Though he has resigned himself to a life of revenge, his world suddenly changes when he meets a lovely young woman he never expected.
Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was just five years old. Though she remembers little from that night, terrible nightmares have plagued her ever since. As she finally starts to move on, and new friends enter her life, she begins to remember more about her history and that horrible night. However, each new memory only seems to unlock more questions and uncertainties than answers about what actually happened.
Despite their horrid pasts, Ashat and Merilee begin a relationship that gives them both a reason to hope and live again.
But can they move on from their pasts, or are their demons back again?

Hunted_Draft_finalHunted: The Awakening
-Sweet Cravings Publishing
– Sweet Romance.
-Interracial, Multicultural, New Adult, Fantasy, Demons.
-Heroine is African American with East African origins.
-Buy link:

Fate is a four-letter word. Sloan is scarred and left for dead during the vicious slaughter of her parents, and eventually finds comfort in peaceful obscurity. But Fate will not be denied, and she is dragged back to New York and unwittingly thrust into a pivotal role in an ancient and sinister confrontation. Her scars have bound her to the demon who made them, and Kellin has claimed her, body and soul. Among the Hunters sworn to destroy him, Sloan finds a love untainted by the lure and corruption of evil. Jake is willing to die to protect her, while Kellin is willing to kill to possess her. Torn between the two, enduring conflict both within and without, Sloan must ultimately make the supreme choice. There are more ways than one to defy Fate.
10365892_10152471524593781_4910044169072965803_nAbout the Authors

Christina OW and  Kenyan Knight (M.O. Kenyan) are twin sisters who are authors with several titles under their belts. Some of their fans favorites are The Albury Affairs and The New Yorkers. They share a home at Secret Cravings Publishing where the above series are published and now again they partner with Sweet Cravings Publishing for new series titles in genres new to both of them: Fantasy & Paranormal. The Dukkha Fate Series by Christina OW and The Awakening by under the pen name Kenyan Knight.
Christina and Kenyan are Interracial and Multicultural Romance authors. They have active imaginations that come in handy in their writing journeys. They share a number of interest but strive to be individual persons.
Would you like to know more about them? Drop your questions in the comment box below and they would be happy to answer your questions, from childhood mischief to adulthood mischief!
Author Links

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To get a taste of these writers try THE BEGINNING FREE ON BARNES AND NOBLE



KENYAN KNIGHT (that’s me!!!)


How are you. So if you have been keeping up with my post you know that I am releasing a new book, a fantasy/ paranormal under the name KENYAN KNIGHT (facebook page like it enjoy it and post your comments. Nothing derogatory pwease.)

So Hunted….

sloanSloan, the daughter of a hunter, marked by evil.


Jake a hunter whose is crazy in love.jake 2

wlKellan a demon who is determined to have to things, the reign of evil and Sloan



Its basically the fight between good and evil determined by the heart of a young woman, Sloan. She has been marked by a demon Kellan who is willing to do everything and anything to get her. But then there is Jake, a demon hunter, and all he wants is to love her. That is until he discovers her secret, then he wants to choke her haha! Sloan not only has to decide which man she chooses but with that choice the battle between love and evil will be determined. She is the bridge that evil can use to tip the scales to their side.


Here is an excerpt, enjoy!!!


She looked down as her feet trudged deep into the pool of blood. Her mind went back to how the room had been before this had happened. The deep red carpet was once white and the stench of old blood masked the fresh air let into the room each morning. The atmosphere of joy was now overlaid with the fouls stench of death and evil.
Her hand fell to her belly as the overpowering need to hurl came over her. Pressing her temples with her finger, she tried to focus her mind on what was happening now and push her dizziness aside. She had to get through this. She had to remain strong, just as the rest of her family was trying to do, but it was close to impossible.
She came to a halt when her feet bumped into something. Dreading it, she slowly looked down at her obstacle. His facial expression was still that of horror. Even in death he looked in pain. He looked in pain and afraid. He was no match for Kellan, he should have known that. Snoop’s smile was gone.
But if he did why didn’t he run? Why did he stay and fight?
Because that was the kind of guy he was.
Swallowing hard she reached down and closed his eyes, saying a prayer as she did so. Sloan looked back at what was left of her family. Devastation was etched in each of their faces. She looked at the man she loved and, as much as she cursed herself for doing it, she had to.
“Thank you, God.” She didn’t mean to be selfish, but her uncle’s death couldn’t have come at a better time. Jake had been with her, away from the massacre and the bloodshed.
“What now?” Axel asked.
Although it felt like she wasn’t present, she could hear their conversation at the back of her mind.
“Now we fight.” Archer’s voice rang in the air, as bold and strong as ever.
“No.” Sloan balled her fingers into fists beside her. “Now, I kill him.”
“Do you see this?” Jake marched up to her and grabbed her arm. “Do you see this? Look at him. I want you to look at Snoop lying dead in a pool of his own blood.”
“I see it,” Sloan whispered as a tear fell down her cheek.
“You see it?” Jake’s hold on her arm tightened painfully but she didn’t flinch.
“I see it!” Her voice was firm and precise.
“We all have to work together. Let go of her arm—you are cutting off her blood supply,” Axel commanded.
“Work together?” Jake laughed. “She has to get close to him. She has to kill him because she is the only one who can.”
He marched closer to Axel, dragging Sloan along with him. His grip had tightened and she was in pain, but she didn’t complain. Her pain could not be compared to the fear he felt on her behalf.
“Calm down,” BB interjected.
“Calm down?” Jake asked once more, a sarcastic hiss escaping his throat.
“Jake, you need to relax.” Archer’s voice was softer. He was trying to reason with him. “We need to clean this up.”
“It doesn’t matter what we do at this point. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop killing until he gets it.” His angry gaze turned to that of pain and compassion as he looked at Sloan who stood quietly beside him. “I won’t let him have it.” A tear traveled down his dark skin and his grip on her arm eased.
“This is my decision to make.” She gently pulled her arm free and the blood rushed painfully back into her veins. “I’m going to do this. I have made my decision.”
“You cannot make such a decision without thinking about me.”
“I am doing exactly that. I won’t let anyone else die. I won’t allow it.” Sloan ran out of the room to the front yard to where her bike was.
“Where are you going?” BB came after her and immediately mounted her bike. “I’m coming with you.”
“Suit yourself.” Sloan roared her bike and kicked it into full gear as she sped off, BB following close behind.
Sloan stopped just as she got to the exit of the estate. She made a full circle back to the house.
“What are you doing?” BB watched her curiously as Sloan dismounted her bike and started pacing back and forth.
“I’m the one he wants, right?” Slowly, Sloan’s mind was hatching a plan, but the end result was unknown.
“Yes, and?” BB saw the determined expression on her face and she clearly knew something was going on her head. “You better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking.”
“Unless you read minds you cannot possibly know what I’m thinking.”
Sloan marched back into the house and she found the three still in the positions she had left them in a few minutes ago.
“Babe…you’re back. I thought you were going to see your parents.” Jake wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her toward him.
“I was and I still am. I just need to know one thing.” She gazed at Archer, letting him know that he was the source of the information she was looking for.
“What exactly would you like to know, little cousin?” Archer took a step forward.
“This must be interesting,” Axel said.
“Maybe we should move away from all of this.” BB pointed at the bodies still on the ground.
They all moved to the foyer and Jake and Sloan took a seat on the bottom stair. The rest of them stood around them, with the front door wide open to filter the stench consuming the house.
“What exactly do you want to know?” Archer asked.
“What I don’t already, like what Kellan looks like.”
“Oh!” Axel chewed on her bottom lip as she took a step away from Archer.
“Oh what?” Jake looked concerned
“What my sister was trying to say is that you have already met him.” He paused to let the first shock sink in.
“Obviously. The bastard almost killed me.” Sloan snorted.

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Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was just five years old. Though she remembers little from that night, terrible nightmares have plagued her ever since. As she finally starts to move on, and new friends enter her life, she begins to remember more about her history and that horrible night. However, each new memory only seems to unlock more questions and uncertainties than answers about what actually happened.

Despite their horrid pasts, Ashat and Merilee begin a relationship that gives them both a reason to hope and live again.

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here is a snippet;

“Sabrina, that’s enough.” Ashat shoved her off him. He pulled on his pants and got out of bed to get another beer.
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“If you are trying to seduce me you’ll have to try harder.”


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