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I wanted to share with you something i learned recently. As an author most of the times you try to write, to combine words to make your reader feel. Most of the times we get it right and some of the times we get an eye roll from a reader. I say this because I have rolled my eyes a bit.

So this is what I learned…wait for it, it’s good…SAY IT OUT LOUD.


I visualize, its my thing playing out scenarios in my head. Sometimes I am the hero/heroine or the villain. That is good but at times it doesn’t translate.So I voice it out, the dialogue not the actions. I’m not that crazy!

If my eyes sting and get waters, if my breath catches in my throat, if i feel this describable, weird swelling of I want to say joy, but I mean love in my chest. I know I got it.

I am the reader too, my first reader and my first critic.

Today I got a beautiful comment from my proofer’s handler about ONCE UPON A TIME, “The proofreader said she needed tissues with this one. Good job getting the emotion to come across so strongly. :-)”
All I can say is thanks. I write for myself first. I only give you what I love.

Thank you for the support.


ONCE UPON A PLAYBOY is the 4th book in the NEW YORKER SERIES. Release date this May.

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navy window paneOn Facebook there was a post where someone asked the question, do romance books almost always have a billionaire as the hero?’
Definition of a billionaire, a man who has his own money, own house and own car; J.O.B. Every woman is looking for a man who can provide for both her and himself. That’s the practical reason.
But I think the fantasy is what keeps the readers going back for more. Here you have your life, ordinary in everyone else’s eyes and almost perfect in yours. Here is a couple of reasons why I think the Billionaire story lines are flooding the literary world.
1. Maybe it’s because of the power they have. Running their own business and empire.
2. Dominance, and I leave it there.
3. The fancy cars, helicopter, private jets and yachts, tell me that doesn’t sound good. Plus there are the expensive gifts and the trips to Paris for shopping and Morocco for lunch.
The thing is most women desire that luxury life, even the sensible ones. For a moment they think wouldn’t it be great to hop into Christian Grey’s helicopter. Women dig their noses deep into the fantasy life that we as authors give them because for a moment they want to know how it feel like to be Anastasia Steele, without the whips.

As for me, I love billionaire stories because of the power and control that they have. It’s like, here is superman in a sexy business suit, taking care of business.

oliver qhueen



HEY GUYS!!! I have a treat for you. Here is a snippet of the 5th New Yorker book. Still on the drafting stage. The 4th book will be out in May.


dannyDanny heard footsteps approaching her. She turned around and tried to run in the other direction. It was hard to do considering her vision had doubled and her feet were refusing to cooperate. She blew air into her palm and took a sniff of her breathe. The alcohol was pungent, but as long as she kept a safe distance away there was no way that they could smell it on her breathe. Now the hard part was to look sober.
“Feet don’t fail me now,” she muttered under her breathe.
“Danny?” It was Reno.
Danny closed her eyes and counted down to ten before responding. “What?”
“You can’t get married.”
“What?” That again, Danny turned around to face her big brother, she wasn’t quite sure the expression she had on her face, but whatever it was Reno wasn’t liking it. His whole face frowned and Danny couldn’t help but giggle. Then she hiccuped, “Excuse me. What were you saying?”
“Are you drunk?”
Danny jumped startled. The rage in Reno’s voice echoed in their parent’s house, hitting her like a ton of bricks. “Use your inside voice.”
“I swear to God, Danny!” Reno’s fists banged down on the dining room table, sending most of its contents flying to the ground making a crashing medley. “You just left rehab.”
“I know and it wasn’t as posh as I remembered it.”
“Do you think Christopher is going to marry an alcoholic?”
“Do you think he cares?” Danny stumbled towards the bar. She grabbed the whisky bottle but couldn’t lift it. Her hand shook each time she picked it up. “Big brother, help a sister out.”
Reno grabbed her arm and spun her around. “What is happening to you? What do you think Kit would say?”
The mention of his name seemed to awaken Danny’s reserve strength. She pushed Reno away but not before slapping him. “That traitor abandoned me.”
“No he didn’t.”
“He left me!” Danny screamed.
“He died!”
That silenced her and miraculously managed to sober her up. Danny was angry, she had asked Kit not to go, but he had chosen his career over her. They had parted with a lie, she had tricked him into doing something he swore not to do because his career came first. Danny thought she had won. For a moment she had dug into the Kent cunning business chest and brought out a trump card. Kit never turned his back on responsibility. So she lied and she won, for a moment she had beat the Navy. But now the Navy had taken him from her. “Don’t…he’s not…he is just M.I.A. They’ll find him.”
“If you believed that you wouldn’t be marrying his twin brother.”
Danny’s knees gave in. She dropped to the ground and just sat there, staring at the bamboo tiled floors. Reno sat next to her, but Danny just moved away. “Don’t. I’m not really interested in DJ’s kumbaya session.”
“It’s been a year. They haven’t found him, Danny.” Reno cupped her cheek and she pushed his palm away. “Marrying Christopher and drinking won’t help you move on.”
“I don’t want to move on.” Getting on her hands and knees, Danny tried to push herself off the ground, but failed. “Pointless, it’s all pointless. For two years I was happy. I had Kit, I had a home, a job, my sobriety…and poof, it’s all gone. I kissed my sailor goodbye and waited for him to come back, but he didn’t.”
Danny moved out of Reno’s reach. “I don’t think I can…I don’t know how to face another day without Christopher and the alcohol to trick my mind into thinking that he looks just like his brother. My heart is being shredded ever single sober second. I can’t let the fog clear for my mind, because then I start to think, to rationalise, I start to make sense of it and I’m afraid I’m going to accept it.” Danny cleared the emotion from her tone. “It’s not easy to pretend, to forget and to feel numb when I’m sober. I need to survive, it’s not killing me, it’s keeping me alive… alive for Kit, for when he comes back. He has to come back.”
“He is not.”
“Don’t say that to me.” Danny shook her head as if trying to get the truth out of her head. “You don’t understand, if he doesn’t come back, I don’t come back.”
Danny leaned into her brother’s embrace and cried.




FateReborn_SMFate Reborn
-Sweet Cravings Publishing
– Sweet Romance.
-Interracial, Multicultural, New Adult, Paranormal, Werewolf.
-Hero is Native American, heroine is African American with East African origins.
-Buy link:

Blurb: Sorrow and torment have been the only companions werewolf Ashat has had in the three centuries since his entire village, including his beloved family, was killed by his enemy, Baku. Though he has resigned himself to a life of revenge, his world suddenly changes when he meets a lovely young woman he never expected.
Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was just five years old. Though she remembers little from that night, terrible nightmares have plagued her ever since. As she finally starts to move on, and new friends enter her life, she begins to remember more about her history and that horrible night. However, each new memory only seems to unlock more questions and uncertainties than answers about what actually happened.
Despite their horrid pasts, Ashat and Merilee begin a relationship that gives them both a reason to hope and live again.
But can they move on from their pasts, or are their demons back again?

Hunted_Draft_finalHunted: The Awakening
-Sweet Cravings Publishing
– Sweet Romance.
-Interracial, Multicultural, New Adult, Fantasy, Demons.
-Heroine is African American with East African origins.
-Buy link:

Fate is a four-letter word. Sloan is scarred and left for dead during the vicious slaughter of her parents, and eventually finds comfort in peaceful obscurity. But Fate will not be denied, and she is dragged back to New York and unwittingly thrust into a pivotal role in an ancient and sinister confrontation. Her scars have bound her to the demon who made them, and Kellin has claimed her, body and soul. Among the Hunters sworn to destroy him, Sloan finds a love untainted by the lure and corruption of evil. Jake is willing to die to protect her, while Kellin is willing to kill to possess her. Torn between the two, enduring conflict both within and without, Sloan must ultimately make the supreme choice. There are more ways than one to defy Fate.
10365892_10152471524593781_4910044169072965803_nAbout the Authors

Christina OW and  Kenyan Knight (M.O. Kenyan) are twin sisters who are authors with several titles under their belts. Some of their fans favorites are The Albury Affairs and The New Yorkers. They share a home at Secret Cravings Publishing where the above series are published and now again they partner with Sweet Cravings Publishing for new series titles in genres new to both of them: Fantasy & Paranormal. The Dukkha Fate Series by Christina OW and The Awakening by under the pen name Kenyan Knight.
Christina and Kenyan are Interracial and Multicultural Romance authors. They have active imaginations that come in handy in their writing journeys. They share a number of interest but strive to be individual persons.
Would you like to know more about them? Drop your questions in the comment box below and they would be happy to answer your questions, from childhood mischief to adulthood mischief!
Author Links

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To get a taste of these writers try THE BEGINNING FREE ON BARNES AND NOBLE



KENYAN KNIGHT (that’s me!!!)


How are you. So if you have been keeping up with my post you know that I am releasing a new book, a fantasy/ paranormal under the name KENYAN KNIGHT (facebook page like it enjoy it and post your comments. Nothing derogatory pwease.)

So Hunted….

sloanSloan, the daughter of a hunter, marked by evil.


Jake a hunter whose is crazy in love.jake 2

wlKellan a demon who is determined to have to things, the reign of evil and Sloan



Its basically the fight between good and evil determined by the heart of a young woman, Sloan. She has been marked by a demon Kellan who is willing to do everything and anything to get her. But then there is Jake, a demon hunter, and all he wants is to love her. That is until he discovers her secret, then he wants to choke her haha! Sloan not only has to decide which man she chooses but with that choice the battle between love and evil will be determined. She is the bridge that evil can use to tip the scales to their side.


Here is an excerpt, enjoy!!!


She looked down as her feet trudged deep into the pool of blood. Her mind went back to how the room had been before this had happened. The deep red carpet was once white and the stench of old blood masked the fresh air let into the room each morning. The atmosphere of joy was now overlaid with the fouls stench of death and evil.
Her hand fell to her belly as the overpowering need to hurl came over her. Pressing her temples with her finger, she tried to focus her mind on what was happening now and push her dizziness aside. She had to get through this. She had to remain strong, just as the rest of her family was trying to do, but it was close to impossible.
She came to a halt when her feet bumped into something. Dreading it, she slowly looked down at her obstacle. His facial expression was still that of horror. Even in death he looked in pain. He looked in pain and afraid. He was no match for Kellan, he should have known that. Snoop’s smile was gone.
But if he did why didn’t he run? Why did he stay and fight?
Because that was the kind of guy he was.
Swallowing hard she reached down and closed his eyes, saying a prayer as she did so. Sloan looked back at what was left of her family. Devastation was etched in each of their faces. She looked at the man she loved and, as much as she cursed herself for doing it, she had to.
“Thank you, God.” She didn’t mean to be selfish, but her uncle’s death couldn’t have come at a better time. Jake had been with her, away from the massacre and the bloodshed.
“What now?” Axel asked.
Although it felt like she wasn’t present, she could hear their conversation at the back of her mind.
“Now we fight.” Archer’s voice rang in the air, as bold and strong as ever.
“No.” Sloan balled her fingers into fists beside her. “Now, I kill him.”
“Do you see this?” Jake marched up to her and grabbed her arm. “Do you see this? Look at him. I want you to look at Snoop lying dead in a pool of his own blood.”
“I see it,” Sloan whispered as a tear fell down her cheek.
“You see it?” Jake’s hold on her arm tightened painfully but she didn’t flinch.
“I see it!” Her voice was firm and precise.
“We all have to work together. Let go of her arm—you are cutting off her blood supply,” Axel commanded.
“Work together?” Jake laughed. “She has to get close to him. She has to kill him because she is the only one who can.”
He marched closer to Axel, dragging Sloan along with him. His grip had tightened and she was in pain, but she didn’t complain. Her pain could not be compared to the fear he felt on her behalf.
“Calm down,” BB interjected.
“Calm down?” Jake asked once more, a sarcastic hiss escaping his throat.
“Jake, you need to relax.” Archer’s voice was softer. He was trying to reason with him. “We need to clean this up.”
“It doesn’t matter what we do at this point. He knows what he wants and he won’t stop killing until he gets it.” His angry gaze turned to that of pain and compassion as he looked at Sloan who stood quietly beside him. “I won’t let him have it.” A tear traveled down his dark skin and his grip on her arm eased.
“This is my decision to make.” She gently pulled her arm free and the blood rushed painfully back into her veins. “I’m going to do this. I have made my decision.”
“You cannot make such a decision without thinking about me.”
“I am doing exactly that. I won’t let anyone else die. I won’t allow it.” Sloan ran out of the room to the front yard to where her bike was.
“Where are you going?” BB came after her and immediately mounted her bike. “I’m coming with you.”
“Suit yourself.” Sloan roared her bike and kicked it into full gear as she sped off, BB following close behind.
Sloan stopped just as she got to the exit of the estate. She made a full circle back to the house.
“What are you doing?” BB watched her curiously as Sloan dismounted her bike and started pacing back and forth.
“I’m the one he wants, right?” Slowly, Sloan’s mind was hatching a plan, but the end result was unknown.
“Yes, and?” BB saw the determined expression on her face and she clearly knew something was going on her head. “You better not be thinking what I think you’re thinking.”
“Unless you read minds you cannot possibly know what I’m thinking.”
Sloan marched back into the house and she found the three still in the positions she had left them in a few minutes ago.
“Babe…you’re back. I thought you were going to see your parents.” Jake wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her toward him.
“I was and I still am. I just need to know one thing.” She gazed at Archer, letting him know that he was the source of the information she was looking for.
“What exactly would you like to know, little cousin?” Archer took a step forward.
“This must be interesting,” Axel said.
“Maybe we should move away from all of this.” BB pointed at the bodies still on the ground.
They all moved to the foyer and Jake and Sloan took a seat on the bottom stair. The rest of them stood around them, with the front door wide open to filter the stench consuming the house.
“What exactly do you want to know?” Archer asked.
“What I don’t already, like what Kellan looks like.”
“Oh!” Axel chewed on her bottom lip as she took a step away from Archer.
“Oh what?” Jake looked concerned
“What my sister was trying to say is that you have already met him.” He paused to let the first shock sink in.
“Obviously. The bastard almost killed me.” Sloan snorted.

Hunted is available for pre-order on amazon

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2940046537918_p0_v1_s260x420and The Beginning, the prequel of Fate Reborn free on Barnes and Noble.




my sister (CHRISTINA OW) have our first fantasy/ paranormal books coming out. Its our birthday B.T.W. (just thought i would sneak that in there)


FATE REBORN by CRISTINA OW is already out and available.


Sorrow and torment have been the only companions werewolf Ashat has had in the three centuries since his entire village, including his beloved family, was killed by his enemy, Baku. Though he has resigned himself to a life of revenge, his world suddenly changes when he meets a lovely young woman he never expected.

Merilee lost her family in a fire when she was just five years old. Though she remembers little from that night, terrible nightmares have plagued her ever since. As she finally starts to move on, and new friends enter her life, she begins to remember more about her history and that horrible night. However, each new memory only seems to unlock more questions and uncertainties than answers about what actually happened.

Despite their horrid pasts, Ashat and Merilee begin a relationship that gives them both a reason to hope and live again.

But can they move on from their pasts, or are their demons back again?


here is a snippet;

“Sabrina, that’s enough.” Ashat shoved her off him. He pulled on his pants and got out of bed to get another beer.
“Are you sure?” she asked, using her horny voice. She was now seated on the bed, naked. She rubbed her right foot slow and seductively over her left leg, as her fingers played with her long hair.
“If you are trying to seduce me you’ll have to try harder.”


HUNTED by KENYAN KNIGHT (ME) is out on the 10th of FEB.

trapped between two loves,good and evil and made prey by her desires. Sloan is hunted.



Don’t you think that authors are a bit looney. They have all these people living in their heads and the only way to get them out is to write their stories. And sometimes that doesn’t even work and they have to write another and another and another and another….

On my all profiles (I just realized) on the bio I always write, “I listen to the voices in my head” Normally out there in society you tell someone you hear voices you are put in straight jacket. On this side of the pond, you are find yourself sitting on a rock in a forest in the middle of nowhere with a guy who is wearing a rumor of clothing dancing around you with a rattle filled with bones and beads. He sprays stuff on you, the favorite chicken blood, then dips you in a river somewhere to the point of asphyxiation in the name of cleansing you of all the evil spirits talking to you in your head.

By now you are wondering why is she telling us this? this is why, someone once told me write what you know. That the ONLY way you can write a good story is by writing what you know (due to my sales i might think she was onto something. I’m kidding) if we only wrote what we knew or what we experienced books would be limited to one genre or practically the same plot but different stories.

If we only wrote what we know I wonder where Brenda Davis and Stephanie Meyer’s met Liam and Edward, or where Nikki Davis met Kane and Ryne. Because I would like to meet them too. As authors we have the free will to dip into the craziest part of our minds, the fantastical area where it allows us to write about vampires, lycans ( I don’t want to say demons) and pantheras. there are no restrictions or regulations on how far we can take the fantastical being we conjure up in our minds. This is why I saw that authors, writers have got the crazies!

Don’t write just what you know, do not do yourself such a great disservice. Combine what you know, to give your story a piece or reality, with what you don’t know. Do not limit yourself to expectations that are not your own.

Own your crazy!




I just want to say thank you for the support you have given me this year. I gave a copy of my book to you lovely folks to enjoy during the holidays. The winners were.


Romantic style photo of a beautiful brunette  Yvan D’Alessandro likes his women the same way he likes his business, exclusive and under his control. He has an affair with his secretary until he finds out that his father is sleeping with her too. Yvan is angry and wants revenge, but not from his father he expected that from him, but from Rubi the woman he was in lust with.
Rae agreed with Yvan’s plan for revenge, all she wanted was a man of her own, it didn’t matter that this man wanted her twin sister Rubi. But Rae son discovers she bit off more than she can chew, she abandons her hopes of getting Yvan to fall in love with her. However she can’t get out of the marriage, D’Alessandros don’t get divorced.
Yvan and Rae have to figure out how to cope in their marriage without Rubi getting involved. But it’s hard especially since each time Yvan looks at Rae all he sees is Rubi.


OneNightStand_LRGCatelella Ross thought that she had been through it all and had come out of the other side a winner. Beating leukemia and getting her life back with the support of her husband, that’s what she thought. When her husband Michael discovers that she can’t have a child due to the chemotherapy he leaves her. Catalella tries to commit suicide but when she is saved she wakes up with a new lease on life. A few years later she concentrates all her efforts on the law firm that her father had left to her.
Ethan McCreery had a hard time growing up. The death of his father forced him to take over the family empire, but he still had his father’s best friend calling the shots. He has to prove himself so as to inherit all of the fortune his father had left to him. A billionaire business man by day and a night club owner by night, a one night stand changes his life completely. Bewitched by Catalella’s full lips the last thing he expected to come out of them are the words “I am pregnant!”

Denouement_Draft4Marietta Parks believes that the only way to stop surprises from happening in life is to control your own fate. Paying attention to every detail she scripts out her own life. Leaving love, romance and children out of it. But then she meets a man who just has to be added into her story, Tobias Harden was the man of everyone’s dreams but t her he was a lovely addition to her already scripted life.
Tobias Harden was the modern day Casanova. Love was not in his vocabulary, and he was allergic to the word commitment, like poison Ivy to the bare skin. A chance kiss with Marietta Parks makes him question his single life. He was to be the best for her, and oddly enough she happens to be the only woman he wants to kiss. Tobias convinces Marietta that she needs him in her life. But after three years of marriage and life’s obstacles, he finds himself in bed with another woman. He has to convince her that he is still the man for her, especially now that she’s pregnant.


Betrayed_DraftReno Kanaloa Kent, had been abandoned by both his mother and father. His father, Dennis Kent, a prestigious business man in New York, left his family behind when his inheritance was threatened. He had been given a choice the love of money or that of his family and he had picked the former. His mother Kono Kanaloa, a simple island girl, had stopped taking care of his little sister, him and herself when the love of her life walked out the door. Reno’s misfortune didn’t end there. In the dead of the night his sister had been abducted from his bed and he wasn’t able to save her. The guilt of letting down his little sister, Rhyne has followed him through his entire life. Revenge for the betrayal of his father is the only thing that drives him, especially after his mother’s death. He goes to New York to seek his revenge. His luck improves when he meets Dennis Kent’s godchildren at a university end of summer bash.
Lisette had always wanted freedom to be a woman. But her adoptive father and brother are overprotective of her. Her potential boyfriend betrays her and runs off with her underage sister to get married in Vegas. Reno seems to be the only one to help keep her sanity. But she learns that he isn’t who he says he is. She angry with him, but she can’t deny the love in her heart.
Reno and Lisette have to work through the betrayal they feel to be together. Their relationship runs a course filled with obstacles and they finally reunite they love.


OnCall_LRGAJ Ross has always focused his attention on two things, women and medicine. He was the best at both. He was the “love ‘em and leave ‘em type. But when he moves in with a girl he had a fling with, a girl he cannot remember, his life slowly begins to unravel.
Katherine had always done what was expected of her. She was daddy’s little obedient girl. But when her father arranges a marriage between her and her friend she begins to rebel. Katherine bumps into a man who gave her a night she could never forget. The problem is, he can’t seem to remember her. So when they end up living together all Katherine wants to do is make sure AJ remembers her—and the night he took her virginity. Will she succeed? Will AJ remember her and want more, or will Katherine’s arranged marriage stand in the way?


imageBack in high school, a cruel “game” by the popular crowd left shy Kennedy Bailey pregnant and alone. But now she’s gorgeous and grown-up and she won’t let anything stop her from saving the life of her five-year-old son when he’s diagnosed with leukemia. Even if it means confronting his father, NFL quarterback Ryan Carville.As her child’s health takes a turn for the worse, Kennedy feels helpless and resolves to pull off a daring scheme – seducing Ryan to create another baby to save the one they already have. They reconnect for a steamy one-night stand, but Ryan can’t forget about the dark beauty.When he discovers the truth of who she is, Ryan is shocked and determined to give his son everything he needs, which includes marrying his mother. But a quickie wedding in Vegas won’t solve all their problems. Can Ryan show Kennedy that he’s changed from a spineless boy to a man worth loving?


RedTearsBlueBlood_DraftAlma had said no to love. The pain of a lost love was too much. But when Christoffer walks into her life, Alma decides to give love a second chance, hoping that fate would be kinder to her this time. However, loving Christoffer seems to take everything out of her. They are so different. He’s white, and she black, he’s rich and she’s poor. But Alma is determined to fight for her love.
Christoffer was running away from his past and future and ran into Alma’s arms. Al he wants is to see a smile on her face, but his secret is threatening their happiness. Christoffer is living a double life. He was brought up to honor his duties to his family. But now he has to honor duty to his love, Alma. Christoffer has to hope that Alma will keep standing by his side.


HisLove_600x900What happens when the person engineered by God to love you—can’t?
Antonio is the CEO of a multi-million dollar company, but his huge house and sleek car don’t matter when it comes to knowing how to love his young daughter. Every time he looks at her, all he can see is the reason his wife is dead. But when the beautiful Rayne falls into his life as his daughter’s nanny he is forced out of his ice cold exterior. He finds himself falling hard for his newest employee, but Rayne doesn’t want anything to do with him. It doesn’t matter how handsome or ruggedly perfect his exterior is—how he treats his daughter tears at Rayne’s very soul.
Antonio has to learn how to love his daughter again, while trying to convince the woman he loves to stay with him and not bolt at the first opportunity…


Covert-Existence-FinalWhat do you do when you have committed the ultimate no-no? You keep the secret as long as you can.
Charlie Montgomery has kept her child a secret for six years. But when push comes to shove she must bring in her baby’s father to help her.
Reece Morgan wanted it all: the family, the house with the white picket fence and maybe a dog. But all that is taken away from him in a night. The woman he thought was his future just abandoned him.



loveletters copyMaxine did not believe in soul mates or the term ‘love of my life’. According to her, life was a revolving door which people walked in and out of. However, when she finds herself at a crucible, she holds on to love. The love of a mother, a husband and that of a lover. The past shades a light into her confused present and Taylor, the boy she never thought she could count on is by her side every step of the way.




marasong copyWakio escapes the city trying to distance herself from her broken heart. She finds peace of mind at the heart of the Mara, but something she didn’t expect to find was love. Christopher is known to many as Jonathan, and to those familiar to him know that Jonathan is about to get married. He meets a lady and doesn’t tell her who is truly is or why he is at the Mara.
he learns how quickly one can fall in love. But he also learns that love is only for the strong. How can he fight for Wakio when he isn’t strong enough?


mokenyan copyWhen does love seize being enough? This is the question Gabriella struggles with when the love of her life turns into her tormentor. All Gabriella wanted to do was to go back home and work with her father on the ranch. But when she meets a young ranch hand she gets more incentive to stay on the hacienda. But her father has something else on his mind. He wants gabriella to be married to his bestfriends son, to merge the two families wealth. Falling in love and running away with Tony, her father’s ranch hand, was not in his plans. Feeling like she finally got her happily ever after, Gabriella doesn’t expect Tony to turn on their love. The sweet romance soon turns violent and Gabriella considers going back home. Home seems to be the only place where things were normal and where her happiness existed. She goes through hell and back, escaping from home to be with the man she loves but only ends up going backhome to find her true happiness.

Next year is promising bigger and better things, I hope to bring you along with me. So I have at least four books coming out next year. For my New Yorker Series fans I am going to try to get the last three books out next year. I have rushed rough work so I won’t be able to I apologize, 2016 is also an awesome year (i hope).

Anyway enjoy your holidays, like my Amazon page and keep up with the new releases.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed happy New Year.



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“One thing is for sure if i can’t make it work with him, then I’ll never make it work with anyone else, because…I love him and I’ll always love him. I need something to drink, a pill to take. I want to be numb, my thoughts silenced, something.”

“You my dear are doomed to be plague the pain, and there is no morphine for a heart break.”

“He loves me.”

“He doesn’t, and he never did.”

Shot to the heart? Nope, hers already gone, broken into little bits and slowly ceasing to exist.

“Oh God, don’t let me loose him, I don’t know what I am going to do. Why can’t I tell him that he is hurting me. I feel him pulling away from me day by day. I’ve wanted to give up so many times but my heart thought otherwise. Thinking with my heart has not been my…

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A sharp cry brought him back to the realization of her innocence. Even in his urgency how could he have forgotten. he was incapable of letting her go, but still managed to hold back. Stroking her trembling body, soothing her fear, catching her tear with his thumb and yet he was still incapable of holding his need at bay…it was beyond his control.

She might have as well asked for heaven in hell. It was impossible for her to reconcile her latest rash decision. A few minutes ago, before the pain and the doubt, she thought that this was the way to get him back, the way to mend her broken heart.

When he heard her sobs he pulled back, stared at her. He held her for a while and for a second she thought, “he gets it… the sacrifice she made. maybe it was worth it.” then seconds later…

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