1. Fanfiction is when someone takes either the story or characters (or both) of a certain piece of work, whether it be a novel, tv show, movie, etc, and create their own story based on it.

2. A piece of fiction within a fandom utilizing characters and situations from a pre-existing work including (but not limited to) books, television programs, films, and comic strips.


So I don’t write fan fiction, but lately I have thought about it. I have seen so many on the internet, #ArrowOlicity, #Kimxi and the rest. I have never felt the need to take an original work into a different direction or give it a different ending. I know that it annoys me when people suggest different endings to my single titles. If it is a series I do take those suggestion into consideration. For me a story ends when the characters go silent. I usually say in my bios ‘listening to the voices in my head and putting them on paper’ i mean that quite literally. When a story takes a long time to be presented to you, its because the character is stuck. I don’t force the directions of my stories.

That being said, why am I considering entering into the fan-fiction world?

I have been watching a lot of Asian shows lately to go along with my Latin obsession. I love how they tell their stories, the intimacy, vulnerability and the fact that they never try to define love or give reasons as to why love exists between two people is beautiful. The mystery of it all the not knowing, but the constant devotion to each other.

There is a Chinese novella that i cannot stop watching. ‘Shan Shan comes to eat’ or otherwise known as ‘THE BOSS AND ME’


Based off Gu Man’s very popular internet novel, the story tells of a kind hearted young girl named Xue Shan Shan (Zhao Li Ying) who works at a big conglomerate. However one of her weaknesses is eating, she loves to eat, and so upon discovering this her boss, Feng Teng (Zhang Han) decides to intentionally fatten her up; she just so happens to share the same blood type as his sister, and thus has the motive of making her the blood donor. Hence comedy ensues as she melts his heart with her exceptional appetite and her cute charm.

I watched it on YouTube, I think these days everything is on YouTube.

So as a fan, i am still thinking about it. If i decide on it, you will probably see it up on Saturday morning.


“Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.” –Hannah Arendt


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navy window paneOn Facebook there was a post where someone asked the question, do romance books almost always have a billionaire as the hero?’
Definition of a billionaire, a man who has his own money, own house and own car; J.O.B. Every woman is looking for a man who can provide for both her and himself. That’s the practical reason.
But I think the fantasy is what keeps the readers going back for more. Here you have your life, ordinary in everyone else’s eyes and almost perfect in yours. Here is a couple of reasons why I think the Billionaire story lines are flooding the literary world.
1. Maybe it’s because of the power they have. Running their own business and empire.
2. Dominance, and I leave it there.
3. The fancy cars, helicopter, private jets and yachts, tell me that doesn’t sound good. Plus there are the expensive gifts and the…

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Series Spotlight With Author Mo Kenyan

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M.O. Kenyan is not a new author on the scene. She’s written several books in fact, and this one is a personal favorite. But, we’re here to spotlight M.O. Kenyan’s series, The New Yorker, and the latest book Once Upon A Playboy . Peep the excerpt below!



DJ had never run away from anything in his life, until this moment. He couldn’t explain it, but his heart had kicked into gear when he looked into those deep, emerald eyes. She was trouble, and DJ couldn’t afford that kind of trouble at the moment. He was here trying to find himself, not his heart. He took out his phone and called Ava. “Change of plans. Meet me at my cabin instead.”

DJ gave one backward glance and instantly regretted it. Now he knew why they said once you decide to move on never look back. Eve, that was her name…

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“Eve! He is back, your handsome American.”
Eyvette wrung the towel cloth in her hands. Nervous didn’t begin to describe how she felt each time the man came to the café. Eyvette’s reaction had always been to hide behind the counter, listen to him order, and melt in her own piece of heaven. His voice was rich and deep, and it poured over her like warmed syrup.
“Mon Dieu, Eve, if you do not go out there and stake your claim, I will.”
Eyvette watched the petite blonde as she salivated over her man. She was sure, once Sophie went out there to introduce herself, there would be no chance for her. That is why she often pulled Sophie down with her when the man entered the café.
“He ordered a coffee,” Philippe, her boss and one time boyfriend, said as he worked the cash register. “He is not going to be alone for long. I am sure one of his bimbos will be joining him soon.”
“Hate is a choice, Philippe, and jealousy is an ugly emotion.”
“I am not jealous. Eve and I parted ways on good terms. And the only thing I hate is how many women he has.”
“And if Eve plays her cards right she could be one of them.”
“Eve isn’t as loose as you.”
Eyvette wasn’t a lot of things. The main reason she had broken up with Philippe was because he called her safe, wife material. He didn’t want her to work or pursue her dream of owning her own restaurant. Eve loved food, both eating and making it. She had just completed culinary school and was working her way to owning her own little place. Everyone thought her dream was crazy, her mother too. Elizabeth was only interested in getting her daughter a rich husband. According to her mother, the only good thing about her were her exotic looks, something she could thank her black father for. Her mother’s fiery red hair and beauty also imbued Eve’s beauty with the flecks of red in her dark curly hair that brought out her green eyes.
However, Eve wanted to be more than the nice, exotic-looking homemaker. She wanted to be daring. And her first chance had just presented itself. It was a tanned man, with a body and a face to die for. Eve walked out of the café, Sophie and Philippe’s voices dogging her heels. She walked up to him and he didn’t seem to notice her at all, a reaction she had never received before. Usually men watched her from afar, and each time she would approach they would be on their feet, offering her their chair. This man was stirring his coffee, deep in thought.

“I most definitely don’t want to fall in love,” he said.
And, before she could stop herself, Eve answered, “That is sad.”
The man looked up at her and the awestruck look she was used to getting from men registered on his face. It had to be her green eyes and the russet tones in her hair, a rare sight in biracial children.
Their eyes met, and Eve felt a kick in her chest that knocked the wind from her lungs. “May I get you something else?” Her voice trembled on her lips. Eve inhaled and tried to still her nerves, which were now on hyper drive.
“Non, merci.” The man looked away from her and, instantly, Eve’s heart dropped to her belly.
It wasn’t like her to push, but Eve wouldn’t give up. “Are you sure, monsieur?”
“Yes.” The man smiled at her before looking away once more.
“All right. If you need anything, just ask for Eve.”
“Merci.” He smiled before turning back to his coffee, effectively dismissing her.
Eve walked back into the café, more confused than ever. She sat down at a booth and looked out through the glass doors, staring at the strange man. There was something between them, an electric current that seemed to transfer through their eyes. The way he looked at her…it was like a soft touch during lovemaking. Something she had no experience in. However, she knew that when she made love to a man it would be that man, and he would look at her just as adoringly as he had a few minutes ago.
“So?” Sophie asked.
“I found it.” She smiled as she ran out of breath. Her heart beat out of her chest as tears stung her eyes. “I found him.”
“My one.”

OnceUponaPlayboy_Draft2AVAILABLE HERE


DJ had never run away from anything in his life, until this moment. He couldn’t explain it, but his heart had kicked into gear when he looked into those deep, emerald eyes. She was trouble, and DJ couldn’t afford that kind of trouble at the moment. He was here trying to find himself, not his heart. He took out his phone and called Ava. “Change of plans. Meet me at my cabin instead.”
DJ gave one backward glance and instantly regretted it. Now he knew why they said once you decide to move on never look back. Eve, that was her name, it had to be creational. She was standing at the window, watching him with a look in her eyes that he hoped didn’t mean more than a normal crush. DJ knew how to handle girls with crushes. He gave them a kiss, a night of sex, a piece of jewelry and it was ci vediamo mai, as they said in his mother’s language. And for those who didn’t understand, see you never. However, emerald didn’t look like the type a man had fun in the sack with and waved goodbye to. Not without taking a serious blow to the heart. That was damage he couldn’t take at the moment. Falling in love was definitely not an option.
Then walk away. Stop staring at her. Don’t notice how perfectly the sun illuminates her glowing face. Look away from her thick hair that you would love to bury your fingers in as you kiss her. And, for the love of God, do not look into her enchanting emerald eyes.
“Mio Dio, don’t do this to me now.” DJ wasn’t a religious man, but when he came across a woman like Eve, it was hard not to believe in divine intervention. He put on his sunglasses and half-ran, half-walked away.
A night with Ava, followed by a binge of sex with a few willing names he had in his phone directory, and in a few days he wouldn’t remember Eve. Deciding never to go back to the coffee shop was also an added advantage. If he didn’t see the object of his…desire…no, torture, he wouldn’t think about her. Out of sight, out of mind.

DJ walked down the path that led to his beach cabin. It didn’t help that it was only a hundred yards from the café. He would have to look into moving. DJ stopped in his tracks and laughed at himself. He couldn’t believe that he was willing to go through so much to avoid an attraction… that’s what it was. Love at first sight was saved for little children and their fairy tales. This was real life. Kono knew that, so did Reno and now Rayne. He needed to focus his attention on helping his big brother with their sisters. Thinking about the love he had for two of the most important girls in his life was bound to overturn the…fascination, for want of a better word, he had with Eve.
For the moment, burying himself deep into a vivacious redhead with the talent of making a man buck in bed like a fish out of water would have to do. DJ stepped into his cottage and stripped off his shirt and jeans. He poured himself a glass of whisky and sat by the window, waiting. The moment he looked at his watch there was a knock on the door. Even though Ava regularly dropped by for sex, he never gave her a key. A key symbolized more than he was willing to give. It meant walk into…no, invade…my life when the need arises. Come snoop in my things. Put my drawers in disarray as you arrange yours. And in DJ’s bathroom there was definitely no room for two toothbrushes.
DJ opened the door and Ava greeted him with a smile and a bikini top that showed more than it should. Her bare legs peeked from under the sarong she was wearing. With one sweep of his gaze he took her all in. That was the moment he knew he was fucked, screwed, done for. Instead of pulling Ava into his arms and devouring her sexy body, he got the urge to shut the door in her face. His survival instincts kept him from doing it. Instead, he stepped back and let her walk in.
“Hallo, darling.” The sway of her hips seemed more exaggerated with each step she took. “I had to change my outfit since you changed our rendezvous place. I thought you liked the coffee there. It is morning.”
Ava swirled around and, by the frown on her face, DJ knew they were about to get into it.
“Whisky, this early in the morning? I know it is happy hour somewhere, but that somewhere is not here.” She looked down at her watch. “It’s barely ten o’clock, for Christ’s sake. I will not have an alcoholic for a beau.”
“Then it’s a good thing I am not your beau.” DJ threw back the contents of his glass and sat back in an arm chair. “Take your clothes off.”
“I see you got a head start.”
“Stop talking and start stripping.”

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Once Upon a Playboy

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Bodacious Author Discussion And Spotlight Summer  guest today is author Mo Kenyan.  She has a way with romantic intrigue and strong leading males. You get a sneak peak of her latest work, Once Upon A Playboy. I know it will whet your appetite for more.

Please leave her a comment at the end – let her know what you think!


Karma’s a bitch. Life is too, and DJ found that out the hard way, but his alter-ego provides the perfect place to hide. In his playboy persona, he can escape the betrayal, the wounds, and the guilt of his past—after all, life in the fast lane leaves little time for anything other than women, drink and the high life of self-gratification. For the first time in his life, DJ is living free and loving every minute of his emotionless existence.

Then he meets Eve—sweet, perfect Eve, the most unlikely…

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Cover Reveal! Renewed by Harper Miller

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Ooh damn! Is this not one fine-looking couple? This dude is HAWT!!!!
Title: Renewed
Author: Harper Miller
Genre : Erotic Romance/

Erotica and Interracial/Multicultural Romance

I was hurt. I was heartbroken. I felt abandoned and emotionally drained.
Sometimes heartache can open new doors.
Of course, names have been changed to protect all parties involved, but this is my story.
*Disclaimer* This is a novelette. Not a short story, novella, or novel. Content is intended for a mature audience, 18+.
Renewed is the second installment in The Kinky Connect Chronicles. The Kinky Connect Chronicles are short erotic stories/novelettes all wrapped up in neat little bows. These stories are standalones. No cliffhangers in the lot!
Harper Miller is a thirty-something native New Yorker. She’s traveled the world and lived in a variety of places but always finds her way back to the Big Apple. A lackluster love life leaves time to…

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Making it Real Release Day!!

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Making it Real Cover (522x800)It’s release day for Making it Real! I can’t believe this is my 7th published novel. In three short years so much has happened, and I am truly excited about this fun ride. I owe all of it to you guys who’ve stuck with me from the beginning and joined the ride along the way. The emails and notes on Facebook and Twitter are what makes it easier for me to sit down and write at the end of a long day.

I hope you all enjoy this latest in the Henderson Family series. Kareem has a lot to overcome in order to find love. What can I say, I love a sexy bad boy who is willing to shed some of those tough outer layers to get to the goodness inside.

Here’s one of my favorite lines from Making it Real:

“I like it hard, and fast, and more…

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Nyx Cosmetics Favorites

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Don’t you feel like a lot of drugstore brands keep getting more and more expensive (hello $13 Garnier BB Cream)?  I do.  You can’t buy a Maybelline lipstick from Ulta for less than $7 and a lot of foundations are over $10.  The one company that hasn’t let me down with price increases, though, is Nyx.  They have a truly fabulous range of products, many of which compete with their high end counterparts in my opinion.  Their color selection is fantastic, they keep up with the trends, and each product is around $5.  Let’s check out some of the best Nyx products that I’ve tried.

1  Jumbo Eye Pencil, $4.49.  This eye pencil is truly amazing, especially considering the price.  It can be used as eyeshadow or eyeliner, though I find it does crease a bit on my lids so I usually set it with powder.  You can…

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Hello World!

I know the title has just given you a nostalgic feeling on past times, well if you didn’t watch or hear of such a program kindly grab a pacifier lol! Far from that, it’s yet again another FABRIC FETISH FRIDAY!! Why does Friday get everyone excited anyways? Today, we will be focusing on Ajak Deng, a South Sudanese fashion model.




She looks bold and beautiful the “Mixed Message”fashion editorial for American luxury fashion store Neiman Marcus.The feature was photographed by Julia Noni. It was an outdoor shoot in the plain green fields, mixed with an amazing collage of colors as the backdrop and finished off with gorgeous accessories.







I just adore how the played around with color, a new obsession that I’m having and you’ll soon get to see a bit later on.Anyways, hope you’ve been inspired to be bold with color and thanks for checking in. Kindly click through more pics.

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